Saturday, May 18, 2013

This last week was a very slow week. I had to send lots of forms in and ,ake lots of calls to everybody in our zone so that made it really fun... My comp called his family on friday because that is when they could, as I just sat there for quiet a while. We had a couple Family Home Evenings with some families that went very well, but besides all of that it was not a very busy week. We spoke in church on Sunday which I really enjoyed. I decided to speak on our desires in life and how they affect us everyday, and what we can do to have better desires or goals. THat is one thing I have really learned to love even though i still get nervous sometimes. I promise you going back to english will be very hard... Yesterday I also got to talk to all of you which was really nice. Everybody Is looking good but alot different then last time I saw yall. I am excited to see everybody again, but until then I know I have lots to do. We are doing our very best to find all of the people that we should and I am trying very hard to work as hard as I can til the last day. Love you guys! Elder Martino