Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting Hot! Thanksgiving

Its been an interesting but slow week this week. Let me tell you it is getting hot here. Its about 33celsius every day and very very humid. I am loving it though.

Lets see...Tuesday and wednesday were slow. It was hot and slow. Not many people were home at any of there houses, although we did have a good lesson with Erika and her daughters. Turns out the daughters sit and listen now and sometimes participate. When we first went there they did not like us at all. They didnt want a thing to do with us, but now they like us!! It was a good lesson though and now we are just waiting for them to get married. hopefully soon.

Now i know i said those days were slow, but they dont compare to thursday. Thursday morning we biked around trying to find a place to pay our gas bill that was late. No one would accept it. So we went back ate lunch then headed out for the day. Plus for the day it was super hot, no one was home, everything failed and numbers for the day were flat 0...We had a good day of being persecuted for a Savior we love so much. Not even close to paying him back and it sucked.

Friday morning we had to go to Quilmes to pay the bill. Hour and half bus ride. It was a nice little vacation though. We got to see some more big city which was nice. Oh and the bill cost 2 centados more... thats half a penny....and it was very late... We got back and hurried to a lunch we had then hurried over to El Pato(third area in our section) and taught Erika and once again everything else failed.. Cool thing is, from our pench to the bus stop in takes 30 mins to get there then 10 mins on the bus to El Pato. On the way over the husband (non member) of an innactive woman picked us up and drove us all the waay to the area! Once we had seen evrybody we could we decided to walk back and do some contacting. We talked to alot but no promising. Oh and to finish it off we stopped and got ice cream. My comp got a flovor called sambayon. We kept telling me it tasted like cookie dough but then we remebered someone told us it had alcohol. Turns out it did and we threw the rest away. lol

Saturday was a day of service. We shoveled sand outside a yard and wheel barrowed it in for one family before lunch. After lunch we did almost the same thing.. Except we had to wheel barrow each one for 3 blocks (about 1/6 of a mile) to the ladys house and do that over and over and over. it was actually pretty fun although the elder i was working with kept stopping because ¨his hands were sweaty...¨ha it was much better with my comp. After the services we went and taught a lesson then came in for the night.

Sunday we had 130 at the beggining of sacrament! We dont know what was going on but at the end we had 70... It was good though. Then we had a birthday party then two lessons.

I have been trying to send letters off but i can only do it on mondays and last monday we were in capitol and didnt have time and today is a holiday here and everything is closed. So everyone i promise im writing back. To most of you :)

Grandma this is for you. We have a great bread shop right across from our apartment and every morning i go over anf get some fresh bread and eat bread.yogurt, and milk mixed together every morning.

Sounds like yall had a good holiday and we celebrated it too sort off. mashed potatoes and a chicken. This computer wont send pictures but ill try next week!

Oh and guess what else i found out...President is going to start keeping us elders in areas for around 9 months... Im going to get to know this area very well i have a feeling...

Dad-It wasnt a too succesful week but we are going to try and do our best this next week.

Mom- Could you send me a brownie recipe without shortening..No such thing here.. It sounds like yall all had fun even if your almost all crippled.

Samye- Hope D had a blast with my bodypillow and you had enough of my shirts to last ya :) Sounds like it was a nice get away.

Nicki- Hope ya had fun

Whoo Hoo!

Well should i start with our pench almost burned down or i thought i broke my back one day? lol. Not completely serious but almost! We got a new stove last week and hooked it up. It worked just fin except for the next day when i was heating up water the hose broke and Elder Judd looked in the kitchen and the stove was shooting out flames out the back! The knos melted off and we need a new hose but thats about it i think :). The back was just that apparently the time i get on the pull up bar to work out the door frame decides to break and i land with the middle of my back on a 2 inch ledge. Just a big bruise and sore but all good :) Sometimes i wonder if Tannon is getting sick of having to watch out for me!

Well today we had to go to capital so Elder Judd could do some work for his visa papers. Took a couple pictures and we went to McDonalds!! Super Expensive though. It was a nice little sight seeing tour and ive gotten to the point i can mostly talk to people on my own.(I dont understand everything, but i just nod my head and smile and it works). I talked to people on the subways and trains and buses and got quiet a few contacts but none live in my area.

This week wasnt our best week as far as the numbers go, but we tried. All of our baptismal dates fell through, although the couple that fell through becasue they need to get married have decided they are going to get married and get it all done!! We have had some really good lessons and found new investigators which will help us alot in our work. Thursday we spent the day with a new member family doing a service project. Lee, if youd like i can come back and do some Argenntine style construction for you if youd like :). I learned how to do alll that and we had a really good discussion about faith and the scriptures. They seem like they are doing well except for the coming to church part...They along with many other members just dont see the importance of coming to church.

Good news is we maintained 120 at church this week. We had the stake presidency there, received a new branch president, and the primay program. One thing that doesnt change around the world is the primary program. Its just as funny all around the world. The kids are amazing and crazy but you can still feel a calmness and peace. Our investigator came with her 2 daughters and the daughters actually participated in the program and seemed to enjoy it. Quick little side note. A couple weeks ago we had testimony meeting. There was a member in our branch who got up and talked about the ¨end of the world¨ next year...It was a little embarrassing but he funny thing is there are alot of people here who believe it. Who knows it could be it for all i know but it shouldnt make a difference if its tommorow, next December, or 50 years from now. All i know is being here next december is going to be crazy and very interesting.

Oh, and this week Elder Aiducatis (sp) comes. The 70 over our area. Supposably last time we was here he made elders cry. We are doing our best to stay in tip-top shape to be ready for him.

Little interesting story i keep forgetting to write and tell you. Turns out one of my zone leaders was supposed to be my comp in the MTC the first time. Kind of crazy. He leaves next transfer and i still get to spend more time here. It gets hard here and super frustrating at times. I want to lay down in the AC and watch a movie on a comfy couch, but i know right now isnt the time for that. Right now is my time to change who i am and change those around me. I have something i have had my whole life but never realized how special it is untill here. Something i can give to other people to change there lives and make the time here on earth a wonderful time.

dad- I am a little trunky about thanksgiving coming up and the food and family time and what not but i think i can give 2 years of it up. There will be plenty of food and family there when i get back. Like always yall sound busy and sound like life is great!

mom- I still havent gotten the package but maybe soon. My singulair is doing fine. Tell grandma and grandpa and jean and russell hi for me. Thank you for getting a little gift for alex for me and just remember, one of those banana cream pies is for me!!! Have fun cooking!

Samye- Thank you for the letter and pictures! Im trying to put them on my camera and what not.

Nicki- Keep pushing through school and enjoying every minute of it!

Alex- I have recieved 4 letters. My problem is writing back but im trying! Keep emailing too! its easier!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Worm or Snake?

Wow crazy week. Let me just tell you a little about it.
Well early this week the missionaries in the pinch next to us found this cool looking worm and brought it back to the pinch. Well i picked it up, and it bit me. Turns out it wasn't a worm but a baby snake. lol. Also turns out it is super poisonous. Good thing is it didnt leave any marks and nothing happened. Close call on that one. Then Saturday night we were walking to a cita and we heard some yelps down to the right. We looked down the cross street and saw three little puppies with there eyes barely open someone had dumped in the middle of the road. Well we left them outside during the cita then took them back to the pinch. We know we aren't allowed to have pets but we couldn't leave them in the middle of the road. We bathed them (trying to get all the fleas off them), gave them some milk, then our only choice was to take them back outside... We both felt really bad but it seemed like the best choice. We took them to a spot where people walk by and could get them if they want but away from the cars so they wouldn't get run over. At least we tried to give them a chance. Oh, and i felt like it was Curtis and I back in the old days again.
Last P-day we played soccer and football all day. I think it was a bad idea though because all of us have been exhausted all week. We are deciding to take today slow, clean the pinch, and relax. I also bought some jerseys which im pretty sure are super awesome even though super duper fake.
We ran into a guy and his family this week. Maxi his a super nice guy along with his wife and daughter. They made us 4 pizzas and sent us home with all sorts of food(and peanut butter)! He practically grew up in the church but left with his entire family when he was young and got offended by the bishop. We said we would come one sunday and see how it is. They are an amazing family and super nice.
Next we have our investigator Erika who came to church yesterday and seemed to like it alot. She made some good friends. We watched the movie Together Forever with her the other day and she brought a friend to listen to us to. Erika started crying during the movie and it was one of the best lessons i have had yet! Her date with her daughter is the 26 of this month to get baptized.
Now for the miracle of the week. My first while in the area. an average of 50 people came to church. 3 weeks ago my goal was 75 at church. We achieved it. last week it was 100. We achieved it. Yesterday we had over 120 people at church. My goal is to keep getting up but itll start getting alot harder. People said that doesnt happen here but turns out it can. Now we just need to keep finding alot more investigators. Our list is running low. We got kicked out of a couple houses recently.
This week was a super hard week. Its definitely warming up here. My motivation was lacking and i was completely exhausted but its amazing the help you can receive if you just ask. It didnt make it easy by any means but it helped.
I hope everything is going well. Love you all and would love to hear from everybody. Now this is for anybody and everybody. Send me pictures! All the people are giving me a hard time because i have like 2 pictures of my family and friends. So send me pictures!! Thanks!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Summer is Coming!

The weather is kicking my butt. So our area is one of the bigger ones in the mission and we dont have bikes or anything and the other day we decided it was about time to go out a check out some of the campo and people that live out there. After many of our lessons failed we decided to go check it out. Well it was hot. A farely nice breeze but still very hot. We met a nice lady and talked to her for a bit. Then we realized we had our baptism in an hour... We started busting our butts back to the pench to change and go check on the font. Well the second we got back to the pench this amazing cold front came in that felt AMAZING. It would have been nice if it was sooner though. And we realized one problem, we have to go back out and see that lady now...

Well we had a great baptism. The family is members but very innactive and the father is not a member. We taught the girl and she asked my comp to baptize her. The whole family came to the baptism and we even had another innactive family whos children we have been teaching. Afterwards two girls came up to us and asked us to baptize them. Sweet!!

Besides that not a whole lot has happened. We are staying busy and trying to stay healthy. Both of my black eyes are going away slowly. the gashes on my nose are good but i can still move my nose and feel the crack :)

Oh and i got mail today! Alex, put your name on the letters! at first i didnt know who it was. lol. I got 2 from you, 1 from Vanessa, Shydi, and Dallen. It was a good pick me up today to hear from yall.

Today we have been playing soccer and badketball all day and we are pretty sun burnt. Oh, i got a sweet jersey at the feria (flea market). I dont have my camera on me but next week ill send more pictures.

Mom-Can i ask for one more thing in a package? Garlic and Parsely pills. Supposably they help alot with mosquitos. Sounds like everything is good back home and your having mixed feelings about Alex getting all old and what not. That just means you get to sit at home and eat bon bons now!! WOOOO!!!!

Dad- Also sounds like your staying busy as well. we saw the president 2 days before this happened so i dont know if he knows. My nose looks straight and feels fine. I tried to push it back in place the best i could and i think i did it right :)

Samye and D- Sounds like the kids had fun! i pray every night for yall.


Alex- I got 2 letters today. Would you prefer if i wrote you back a letter or just emailed you back when i get your letters? Be safe driving and being all grown up and what not.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Broken Noses & Baptisms

Well it's definately been an interesting week. Last Saturday we baptized the 4 kids and it went great although i had to baptize one of the little girls 6 times...I cant shove her under water. She freaked out everytime time but at the same time the water was absolutely freezing. The water heater didnt work, go figure. It all turned out great though and they were very excited. This Saturday we have a baptism and we have others planned in the following weeks.
Now let me fill you in on Sunday night. On Sunday nights we have a set meeting with a family. All the kids are baptized and the parents want to, they are just saving up to take a trip to Paraguay so he can get divorced from his old wife first. There is a lot of stress when we go over there. The family is great, just working on patience and holding anger in. Well after the lesson, Elder Judd and i were messing around playing ´´futbol americano´´. He pushes me and starts running. I catch him and run past as he stops. He then tries to swim move over me but in the meantime forgets i am 6 ft tall, not 5. Well his elbow made good contact thats for Well im bleeding everywhere walking a couple miles back to the pench and people are giving us weird looks. Turns out i broke my nose (i put in back in place so no worries on a crooked nose i hope), i have 2 black eyes, and 2 gashes across my nose. It looks real good when we are contacting! Its all healing quick and i feel great.
Just to make it all a little better, Monday for lunch we made milanesa. The person who cooked it used way too much oil we decided. Ill just say i spent all Monday night and morning in the bathroom... My stomach is slowly building up to eating so much fried food.
Last Friday we had interviews with President Stapley and that took about all day with him and our APs and ZLs. The meetings went really well and i got mail for the first time! Woop!!! Please tell Mike and Kristi I very much appreciate them writing me! Also that they are allowed to email me and ill do my best to have time to reply.
We came across someguy who stopped us on the street. Kind of awesome but he speaks english pretty well and wants us to stop by sometime and teach him in english. It surprised me at first, but people are always pulling us over to talk to us and ask us questions. Half the time its if we speak german.
Im going to go back a bit but tell you about when we interviewed the 4 kids for their baptism. I went on exchanges with our ZL and he came here to do the interviews with me. So first we speak to them all and i introduce them to him and explain what is going to happen. Then i go in the next room with Clotilde and the 6 kids. One at a time they go in the other room and interview. What am i supposed to do in the room? I had no idea, but the kids wanted me to sing hymns...I spent about 30 minutes singing hymns for them. I pretty sure i made a couple up but hey, they think i sound great. When people think i sound like frank sinatra, why not sing how i want :)
Dad- Once again everything sounds well and your staying busy.
Mom- thank you for the update. I have a couple things to tell you. First, i have almost learned to play a hymn!! Second, we are singing in church this sunday. Umm, as far as a package, whatever sounds good. Maybe some american floss and toothbrush :) also recipes please. Mainly recipes i can easily cook but i really need a brownie recipe. everybody keeps asking me if i know how to make brownies. Besides that, im feeling better for the most part and everything is great.
Samye and D- I hope everything is going well!
Nicki- seperate
Alex- Im excited soon i might start getting letters from you! Happy birthday! Take care of the red truck and be good! Time goes by fast and dont let it pass you by.
Love you all!
Elder Martino
P.s. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!!