Monday, November 14, 2011

Worm or Snake?

Wow crazy week. Let me just tell you a little about it.
Well early this week the missionaries in the pinch next to us found this cool looking worm and brought it back to the pinch. Well i picked it up, and it bit me. Turns out it wasn't a worm but a baby snake. lol. Also turns out it is super poisonous. Good thing is it didnt leave any marks and nothing happened. Close call on that one. Then Saturday night we were walking to a cita and we heard some yelps down to the right. We looked down the cross street and saw three little puppies with there eyes barely open someone had dumped in the middle of the road. Well we left them outside during the cita then took them back to the pinch. We know we aren't allowed to have pets but we couldn't leave them in the middle of the road. We bathed them (trying to get all the fleas off them), gave them some milk, then our only choice was to take them back outside... We both felt really bad but it seemed like the best choice. We took them to a spot where people walk by and could get them if they want but away from the cars so they wouldn't get run over. At least we tried to give them a chance. Oh, and i felt like it was Curtis and I back in the old days again.
Last P-day we played soccer and football all day. I think it was a bad idea though because all of us have been exhausted all week. We are deciding to take today slow, clean the pinch, and relax. I also bought some jerseys which im pretty sure are super awesome even though super duper fake.
We ran into a guy and his family this week. Maxi his a super nice guy along with his wife and daughter. They made us 4 pizzas and sent us home with all sorts of food(and peanut butter)! He practically grew up in the church but left with his entire family when he was young and got offended by the bishop. We said we would come one sunday and see how it is. They are an amazing family and super nice.
Next we have our investigator Erika who came to church yesterday and seemed to like it alot. She made some good friends. We watched the movie Together Forever with her the other day and she brought a friend to listen to us to. Erika started crying during the movie and it was one of the best lessons i have had yet! Her date with her daughter is the 26 of this month to get baptized.
Now for the miracle of the week. My first while in the area. an average of 50 people came to church. 3 weeks ago my goal was 75 at church. We achieved it. last week it was 100. We achieved it. Yesterday we had over 120 people at church. My goal is to keep getting up but itll start getting alot harder. People said that doesnt happen here but turns out it can. Now we just need to keep finding alot more investigators. Our list is running low. We got kicked out of a couple houses recently.
This week was a super hard week. Its definitely warming up here. My motivation was lacking and i was completely exhausted but its amazing the help you can receive if you just ask. It didnt make it easy by any means but it helped.
I hope everything is going well. Love you all and would love to hear from everybody. Now this is for anybody and everybody. Send me pictures! All the people are giving me a hard time because i have like 2 pictures of my family and friends. So send me pictures!! Thanks!

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