Thursday, November 3, 2011

Broken Noses & Baptisms

Well it's definately been an interesting week. Last Saturday we baptized the 4 kids and it went great although i had to baptize one of the little girls 6 times...I cant shove her under water. She freaked out everytime time but at the same time the water was absolutely freezing. The water heater didnt work, go figure. It all turned out great though and they were very excited. This Saturday we have a baptism and we have others planned in the following weeks.
Now let me fill you in on Sunday night. On Sunday nights we have a set meeting with a family. All the kids are baptized and the parents want to, they are just saving up to take a trip to Paraguay so he can get divorced from his old wife first. There is a lot of stress when we go over there. The family is great, just working on patience and holding anger in. Well after the lesson, Elder Judd and i were messing around playing ´´futbol americano´´. He pushes me and starts running. I catch him and run past as he stops. He then tries to swim move over me but in the meantime forgets i am 6 ft tall, not 5. Well his elbow made good contact thats for Well im bleeding everywhere walking a couple miles back to the pench and people are giving us weird looks. Turns out i broke my nose (i put in back in place so no worries on a crooked nose i hope), i have 2 black eyes, and 2 gashes across my nose. It looks real good when we are contacting! Its all healing quick and i feel great.
Just to make it all a little better, Monday for lunch we made milanesa. The person who cooked it used way too much oil we decided. Ill just say i spent all Monday night and morning in the bathroom... My stomach is slowly building up to eating so much fried food.
Last Friday we had interviews with President Stapley and that took about all day with him and our APs and ZLs. The meetings went really well and i got mail for the first time! Woop!!! Please tell Mike and Kristi I very much appreciate them writing me! Also that they are allowed to email me and ill do my best to have time to reply.
We came across someguy who stopped us on the street. Kind of awesome but he speaks english pretty well and wants us to stop by sometime and teach him in english. It surprised me at first, but people are always pulling us over to talk to us and ask us questions. Half the time its if we speak german.
Im going to go back a bit but tell you about when we interviewed the 4 kids for their baptism. I went on exchanges with our ZL and he came here to do the interviews with me. So first we speak to them all and i introduce them to him and explain what is going to happen. Then i go in the next room with Clotilde and the 6 kids. One at a time they go in the other room and interview. What am i supposed to do in the room? I had no idea, but the kids wanted me to sing hymns...I spent about 30 minutes singing hymns for them. I pretty sure i made a couple up but hey, they think i sound great. When people think i sound like frank sinatra, why not sing how i want :)
Dad- Once again everything sounds well and your staying busy.
Mom- thank you for the update. I have a couple things to tell you. First, i have almost learned to play a hymn!! Second, we are singing in church this sunday. Umm, as far as a package, whatever sounds good. Maybe some american floss and toothbrush :) also recipes please. Mainly recipes i can easily cook but i really need a brownie recipe. everybody keeps asking me if i know how to make brownies. Besides that, im feeling better for the most part and everything is great.
Samye and D- I hope everything is going well!
Nicki- seperate
Alex- Im excited soon i might start getting letters from you! Happy birthday! Take care of the red truck and be good! Time goes by fast and dont let it pass you by.
Love you all!
Elder Martino
P.s. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!!

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