Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Summer is Coming!

The weather is kicking my butt. So our area is one of the bigger ones in the mission and we dont have bikes or anything and the other day we decided it was about time to go out a check out some of the campo and people that live out there. After many of our lessons failed we decided to go check it out. Well it was hot. A farely nice breeze but still very hot. We met a nice lady and talked to her for a bit. Then we realized we had our baptism in an hour... We started busting our butts back to the pench to change and go check on the font. Well the second we got back to the pench this amazing cold front came in that felt AMAZING. It would have been nice if it was sooner though. And we realized one problem, we have to go back out and see that lady now...

Well we had a great baptism. The family is members but very innactive and the father is not a member. We taught the girl and she asked my comp to baptize her. The whole family came to the baptism and we even had another innactive family whos children we have been teaching. Afterwards two girls came up to us and asked us to baptize them. Sweet!!

Besides that not a whole lot has happened. We are staying busy and trying to stay healthy. Both of my black eyes are going away slowly. the gashes on my nose are good but i can still move my nose and feel the crack :)

Oh and i got mail today! Alex, put your name on the letters! at first i didnt know who it was. lol. I got 2 from you, 1 from Vanessa, Shydi, and Dallen. It was a good pick me up today to hear from yall.

Today we have been playing soccer and badketball all day and we are pretty sun burnt. Oh, i got a sweet jersey at the feria (flea market). I dont have my camera on me but next week ill send more pictures.

Mom-Can i ask for one more thing in a package? Garlic and Parsely pills. Supposably they help alot with mosquitos. Sounds like everything is good back home and your having mixed feelings about Alex getting all old and what not. That just means you get to sit at home and eat bon bons now!! WOOOO!!!!

Dad- Also sounds like your staying busy as well. we saw the president 2 days before this happened so i dont know if he knows. My nose looks straight and feels fine. I tried to push it back in place the best i could and i think i did it right :)

Samye and D- Sounds like the kids had fun! i pray every night for yall.


Alex- I got 2 letters today. Would you prefer if i wrote you back a letter or just emailed you back when i get your letters? Be safe driving and being all grown up and what not.

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