Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting Hot! Thanksgiving

Its been an interesting but slow week this week. Let me tell you it is getting hot here. Its about 33celsius every day and very very humid. I am loving it though.

Lets see...Tuesday and wednesday were slow. It was hot and slow. Not many people were home at any of there houses, although we did have a good lesson with Erika and her daughters. Turns out the daughters sit and listen now and sometimes participate. When we first went there they did not like us at all. They didnt want a thing to do with us, but now they like us!! It was a good lesson though and now we are just waiting for them to get married. hopefully soon.

Now i know i said those days were slow, but they dont compare to thursday. Thursday morning we biked around trying to find a place to pay our gas bill that was late. No one would accept it. So we went back ate lunch then headed out for the day. Plus for the day it was super hot, no one was home, everything failed and numbers for the day were flat 0...We had a good day of being persecuted for a Savior we love so much. Not even close to paying him back and it sucked.

Friday morning we had to go to Quilmes to pay the bill. Hour and half bus ride. It was a nice little vacation though. We got to see some more big city which was nice. Oh and the bill cost 2 centados more... thats half a penny....and it was very late... We got back and hurried to a lunch we had then hurried over to El Pato(third area in our section) and taught Erika and once again everything else failed.. Cool thing is, from our pench to the bus stop in takes 30 mins to get there then 10 mins on the bus to El Pato. On the way over the husband (non member) of an innactive woman picked us up and drove us all the waay to the area! Once we had seen evrybody we could we decided to walk back and do some contacting. We talked to alot but no promising. Oh and to finish it off we stopped and got ice cream. My comp got a flovor called sambayon. We kept telling me it tasted like cookie dough but then we remebered someone told us it had alcohol. Turns out it did and we threw the rest away. lol

Saturday was a day of service. We shoveled sand outside a yard and wheel barrowed it in for one family before lunch. After lunch we did almost the same thing.. Except we had to wheel barrow each one for 3 blocks (about 1/6 of a mile) to the ladys house and do that over and over and over. it was actually pretty fun although the elder i was working with kept stopping because ¨his hands were sweaty...¨ha it was much better with my comp. After the services we went and taught a lesson then came in for the night.

Sunday we had 130 at the beggining of sacrament! We dont know what was going on but at the end we had 70... It was good though. Then we had a birthday party then two lessons.

I have been trying to send letters off but i can only do it on mondays and last monday we were in capitol and didnt have time and today is a holiday here and everything is closed. So everyone i promise im writing back. To most of you :)

Grandma this is for you. We have a great bread shop right across from our apartment and every morning i go over anf get some fresh bread and eat bread.yogurt, and milk mixed together every morning.

Sounds like yall had a good holiday and we celebrated it too sort off. mashed potatoes and a chicken. This computer wont send pictures but ill try next week!

Oh and guess what else i found out...President is going to start keeping us elders in areas for around 9 months... Im going to get to know this area very well i have a feeling...

Dad-It wasnt a too succesful week but we are going to try and do our best this next week.

Mom- Could you send me a brownie recipe without shortening..No such thing here.. It sounds like yall all had fun even if your almost all crippled.

Samye- Hope D had a blast with my bodypillow and you had enough of my shirts to last ya :) Sounds like it was a nice get away.

Nicki- Hope ya had fun

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