Monday, October 24, 2011

Another beautiful week!

Dear family,

Well its been a good week. There isn't much to fill you in on about what we have been doing. We had a good week of lessons and baptismal dates but we will see how it goes. Its starting to get hot and I'm super excited...The streets smell good enough as it is when its cool.. Umm I'll tell you a little about our people we are working with.
First we have Clotilde and her 6 nietos. Martin 5, Nicolas 6, Agustina 8, Gabriela 9, Isaias 11, and Mikaela 12. There parents dies\d when the youngest was a baby and now she takes care of them. The 5 oldest are all mentally handicapped but we don't exactly know to what extent. We also just found out the other day that the kids have AIDS. Its really sad, but the happy thing is we are baptizing the 4 oldest this Saturday. They all know who Jesus is and want to be baptize and as far as we know and what our branch president and zone leaders have said that is all they need. The family is amazing. It doesn't matter if you are mad or not having a good day, we cant leave that house upset. all the kids have a special spirit about them and it is a big blessing.
Next, i think i told you about Benito. He had another stroke the other week and couldn't talk, smile, laugh, and barely walk. But he is a trooper. He bought new shoes, a new white shirt, and a tie. He is walking everyday. A couple miles...He came to church the other day and can now laugh and smile and get a couple words out. He is our other lift me up that we have. You cant help when you are around him to want to keep working hard and doing your best.
We are teaching a couple members kids and it is great. We have one lady who is very interested but wont take a baptismal date until she knows for sure its right. She has prayed and has felt the spirit but doesn't recognize it. But I hope she is ready for tomorrow!! She will know then!
Oh and my birthday was great. I had a great lunch made for me and two great cakes! i might have gained a couple pounds though,,,Tell Eric i love him and I'm proud of him. Also, ill try to stay in shape too but we aren't aloud to go outside in the mornings. But i have my good ol jump rope.
Umm last pday we played soccer with 2 investigators at the church. One we have dropped. We were his "buds" but he wasn't changing at all and it had been a couple weeks.
Chuch was interesting yesterday. it was voting and not even a member of the bishopric was there til sacrament which is at the end. And the Stake president showed up... Good thing is he taught our class for us and spoke in sacrament instead of us. We have realized our branch needs alot of help and that is our goal right now. They say, "Every member a missionary," but if we have no one coming then we don't have any help and why would our converts want to stay..But we will get it up.
Everything is good. Sickness comes and goes but that's how it will be and I'm OK with it. When did throwing up a couple times hurt anyone. Ive been out here a month and its crazy. i love the people here and I'm trying hard to show it. I'm trying my best to keep my chin up no matter what happens. I want y'all to know that i haven't always been the best or let alone tried. But, i know i am where i am supposed t be. I'm trying my best right now to serve my lord and serve the people here with all i have. One day, hopefully far far in the future i will be able to get on the plane to come home and i can be proud of the last 2 years. I can be proud of the effort I've put into it. Even though it isn't much, i want the lord one day to tell me i was a faithful servant. I want the same for everyone of you. I don't care where you are in life, you can be a good and faithful servant.

Dad) The scouting here is non existent. The young men's leader is trying to bring it in to maybe help more young men here.

Mom) Everything sounds well for ya ll. keep working hard.

Alex) I'm mad at you. your supposed to be the perfect kid..why aren't you writing your crazy older brother a\who needs words of encouragement from his little sis.
Samye)I'm writing a separate
Nicki) tambien

p.s. I know I've been here a while but i broke my ipod... oops. maybe if on day you wanted to send me a usb drive with church music efy music, talks. that would be wonderful. oh and one of those grip hand strengthener things. gracias!!!

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