Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Week Here!!!

Well I'm sick like a dog right now but doing my best.
Lets see we landed here in buenos Aries Tuesday morning. quickly tried to straighten up in the bathroom. went through customs and then met our president. Sister stapley actually knows grandma and grandpa. Her maiden name is Beck. I contacted 3 people in the airport waiting fro all the missionaries and then we left to the mission home. We stayed there for a while and then met our trainers and left. It took 1 bus and 3 trains and about 2.5 hours to get to our place. Next morning we got right to work. At first i was completely lost as to what people were saying. I don't feel like everyone said i would though. Now sometimes i can hold a conversation on my own and understand i think quiet a bit for my first week here. I will most likely be in this area for 18 weeks.
Now i know everyone will get a kick out of this. we teach an English class every Wednesday night and we have been teaching the people A Childs Prayer in English. Turns out we are singing it in sacrament next week we think... it gets better. I'm singing the first part of the song as a duet with a member here.
We got to watch all of conference on a tiny TV in English actually. except priesthood was only in castillano. i tried to understand but i kind of zoned out a little.
The people here for the most part are very nice and very welcoming. Others not so much but that is fine. In one lesson the other day, we asked the guy to be baptized and he jumped up and said yes! what day? We accidentally picked one too soon and the lesson the other day when we told him he had to marry his wife first didn't go so well..At one point i thought he was going to attack us but i love the guy. He has good intentions just doesn't understand it all the way.
Anyways I'm happy to be here and its going well besides being sick like a dog. Everyone says if you send a package, plaster it with Jesus and Mary and crosses. You can even call me saint elder Martino if you want on it. Dear elder still works to me but takes longer.
Oh and i had 2 letters waiting for me when i got here. One from Kerry Sherksnas and one from Sister Mower. I don't know if ill reply but ill try! The food here is usually pretty good but very fattening :)
Dad- I'm trying my best out here and i hope everything is well back home.
Mom- Thank you for the emails. Everything is going well.
Samye, Dustin, and family- It was nice getting to talk to all of you. Ya ll sound like your doing well and are excited for a new member of the family.
Nicki- Tell Estrella i saw her in a video yesterday. It was Christmas and they were all singing a song. Also there is an Hermana Ramirez who is serving in my mission and she knows you. She is from Rosario. Hope school and boys are treating you well.
Alex- I hope school is going well along with everything else. Stay busy and stay happy.

Love ya ll, Elder Martino

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