Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Week in the MTC

So first off.. I got my travel plans! We report at the travel office at 3am on Monday. My flight departs at 620 and we arrive at 10 in Dallas. Then we leave Dallas at 205 and land in New York JFK at 640. Then we leave there at 950 and fly to buenos Aries and arrive at 915 am. I haven't taken the time to figure out when those times are where, but i am planning to call the house when i land in Dallas probably around 11 or so be ready! Invite grandma and grandpa and Jean and Russell if they would all like to come over too! Ill get a calling card and call that way so it wont be for a super long time. Oh, also found out that My mission is ranked number......2 for most dangerous in the world, but can even tell you how excited I am!!!!
Now for the week! Its gone by so quick. We had another wonderful opportunity to hear from Elder Russell M. Nelson this week. Sad to say but i will probably miss another apostle next week but its been awesome to listen to three so far. Sister Nelson spoke first and said something i thought was funny but also very true. Here at the MTC we compare in to being in prison sometimes. But she reminded us, what is so bad about being in prison if the Lord is the one in charge and we are doing his work. I could very easily just walk out the front gate here if i wanted but there is no way in my right mind i would walk away from this work.(especially after almost finishing my time here and finally going to the field). She also said "obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles." I think many of you know that i will need not only blessings but miracles in Argentina. So i promise you ill be doing my absolute best to be very exact in my obedience and working my butt off. The Elder Nelson said a few things that stood out to me. HE called 4 random missionaries up to sit with him and asked them, "Tell me in your heart of hearts what you know for a fact to be true about the Book of Mormon?" That's what i will be doing for 2 years. Telling people what i KNOW to be true. He spoke on the new Ensign that came out and we were the first ones to get it.(Its amazing) Read it all!
Now we had a sister in our district leave for health reasons and it was very sad to see her go right before she was to leave but she kept a very good attitude about it all. We all know that whether she comes back out or she decides to do other things she will be great at whatever it may be. But, I have been working on a project the last 5 weeks or so. Every Tuesday after the devotional we have a district testimony meeting. Each week i have briefly written one line of what each person has said in there testimonies. Then I bought different pocket size pictures of Jesus(For the elders its the fishers of men and for the 2 sisters its a picture of a young girl sitting on Jesus's knee) and on the back i have written what they have said in their own words so that if they ever get discouraged they can look back at what they have said and realize we can always keep moving forward. Nothing that comes across us will be too much for us to handle if we are on the Lords side. Who is on the Lords side?
Its been a great time here at the MTC but i am ready to get to Argentina. My spanish is better but not great. I will get made fun of, laughed at, doors slammed, and people robbing me, but i know nothing will bring me down. I know i will bring a joy to so many peoples lives. I know that strengthening their faith in Christ will change their life and they will be able to look at everything from a whole new perspective. I know its changed me. I know that I am going here for a reason. Whether it be for me or someone else I do not know. Also, I am very lucky. Ive been a little of a struggle for people but I am very lucky to have the people in my life that I do. A family who has loved me through everything. Grandparents who will always teach me things and tell me what i can do better and help to become better. Friends who step in when i need them most. Cousins who are there to pick me up. A best friend to be a brother to me when i need one(Curtis). Many more but each and every one of you have helped me so much and im so thankful for your love, patience, caring.
Dad- Thank you for the letters. I do feel like i have grown more then i can explain, but i cant pick a certain thing. I have been working on a different attribute every week to study, build, and become better at. Sounds like yall are very busy with all the meetings and callings.
Mom- OK. HEre ya go! :) Doctrine and Covenants 62:2-3,5-6,9. You can pick out of there what you want to put on there. Ill be sending home pictures in a while. still haven't taken a whole lot.
Samye and family- Dustin im going to try and write back today but im also packing. I pray for yall every night. Tell the kids i love them!
Nicki- I already wrote you this morning and ill send it off soon.
Alex- I also already wrote you and will send it today.
p.s. Dont mail letters here anymore. Im GONE!!! :) oh and im mailing a package home.

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