Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whatever week this is!!!

So to start it off, This was one of the hardest weeks i have had in a very long time. I was just struggling with everything but at the same time trying so hard to stay positive and motivated.
Everything seemed to be going wrong but at the same time i know it wasn't. It was until Tuesday night Heavenly Father answered my prayer and gave me a big boost. (Now that's my catch for everyone to read the rest of the letter).
This week i got released as District Leader which is kind of nice although i do miss some meetings i got to go to. My new branch president is amazing. Whenever he talks to us he just goes off on stories and scriptures he knows. He can quote just about anywhere in the scriptures it seems. He also goes back and looks up and studies what words mean individually. Like "Hand Shake" in Hebrew was Yad-yad. Turns out yad-yad means beloved friend. That is where the hand shake came from. Kind of awesome! We also found out my previous branch president got called to the Costa Rica temple presidency as his next assignment in the church.
Now let me tell you some of my teaching experiences. So my companion and i were teaching on the steps of repentance to our investigator. remember its all in spanish and we still struggle alot with it, but turns out the entire time we were teaching her "los patos de arrepentimiento" and not "los pasos". They are completely different but might work if we are teaching families with little kids one day! We have been teaching an investigator Gloria for 13 lessons now and just taught her spouse, or boyfriend she lives with, for the first time the other day.
Now to talk about Tuesday. I have been in the MTC choir every week and it paid off finally to get a seat. Elder Holland came and spoke to us. He had nothing written down or physically prepared ahead of time and it was amazing. let me share just a couple things i got from it. Oh, and he started off talking about how old he was and how, "I have one foot in the grave and one on a banana peal." I hope i have his vigor when i am his age...Now something he has said in many of his talks is "my mission meant everything to me".
-this will be the only dispensation in time that wont end with apostasy. The Church will not fall again.
-prophets in the old testament new testament and book of Mormon all worked til the end of there lives never being able to see much success. The kept going, kept hope, and knew the day would come.
- It is ok for people to think missionaries are perfect. Of course we aren't but we need to try our best to be especially these 2 years.
- I don't have the right to damage the image of a missionary. If the church were to have a symbol (but we don't and don't believe in them) it would be an image of 2 missionaries. When i come home, don't forget what i have been doing and dont forget what a true missionary is.
Then he went in and did a Q&A with us.
What is the most important thing Christ wants us to know right now?
-he told the truth
What are the best ways to invite the spirit in my life?
-Diving into scripture, Prayer, and don't lose the spirit in the first place.
Whats the best advice i have ever received?
-go on mission, marry who i married and how i married, get as much education in whatever i was to do.
what is the comparison of being a missionary and a general authority?
- A a missionary i am an apostle. He is an Apostle. He holds many more keys and responsibilities and so forth but we do very similar things.
What is the greatest gift i can give to the savior?
-My heart.
Why does God love us?
-"I am not perfect. Not even close. But i am almost perfect in the love i have for my children...If i love them as much as i do then the love the savior has for us is indescribable."
God gave the only perfect child for all the imperfect of us.
Dad- Now i thought alot about you this week. The log cabin sounds awesome. get it done before i come home please! i also saw Hermana Martino right before she left early this week and it was exciting to see her go! My companion and i are doing very well. We are loving it here and continually trying to grow. Now for why i thought about you. In the book of Mark while Jesus is in the garden of Gethsemane, he says one word in particular that stands out to me. "Abba". The closest translation to that is poppa or daddy. I have realized two things. First is my relationship with god. I need to look towards him as my legit father. He is my spirit father and i need to communicate with him that way. Second, is you. I need to start off apologizing. We have had our differences i know and i know i haven't been near the best of a son i could i have been, but i want to have that same relationship with you. I want it so that we have that relationship where i or you are the worst of circumstances and can come to each other as daddy or son.
Mom- Thank you for everything. Socks would be very nice but that is all i can think of for now. You do need to step it up if you want to catch up with dad though! Love you!!
Samye- I am very excited to get this pictures and letters!!! i wait every day and I'm very excited.
Nicki- thank you for spending time with Allie. i love you
Alex- I'm writing you...

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