Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week #4

So i kind of lose track of time while i am here so half the time i have no clue what day it is. I think in this letter I'm going to write my letter starting from today and going back.
So like every P'day morning we wake up 30 mins early to wait in line in the laundromat. It is ridiculous how early guys wake up to get laundry done. It is always so crowded. Afterwards we worked out, cleaned, got new sheets, showered, and then ate breakfast. Today at the temple i decided to do sealings again with a guy in my district who hasnt done them before and it was super cool. We had this really old lady who was tiny, couldn't speak, and could barely hear. the thing that amazed me was how happy she was. She smiled literally the entire time. After a while i started to wonder if her face seriously stayed that way... When i was walking out i started talking to a temple worker that was moving clothes around. Turns out he was from Argentina. Surprised me but i could almost carry on a conversation with him for about 5 minutes. Scary..
Yesterday was a normal day of studying. Here is the schedule for you dad.
615 wake up and get ready.
study in class from 7-740.
breakst at 740
810-910 study time
910-1210 class time
1215 lunch
1-4 class time
415-515 personal language study
515 dinner
620-710 gym
710-750 shower and get dressed
8-9 Personal language study
9 planning
930 back in the room
1015 quiet time
1030 in bed
So that was a Wednesday. Every day varies a little but that's about how it is. I teach at least one lesson a day and even in all that study time, i rarely have time to study things i want to study.
Last night i got in a little trouble by one kid. My companion and i were singing in the shower and apparently its not ok to sing nearer my god to thee.. sorry but we still do.
Tuesday night the devotional was by Claudio D. Zivic and his wife. It was very good but what i loved even more was my district testimony meeting and the training meeting i had to attend afterwards. the First counselor in my branch presidency taught the training meeting taught us alot but the main thing that stood out to me was this. ``You are the elite. You are the elite missionaries going to your mission. I don't mean that the way it might first sound like but it is true.`` I thought about it the rest of that night. I am one of the worst at speaking Spanish in my class. Every missionary in my district is amazing. I know for a fact i am no more special then any of them except for one blessing I've been given. That is leadership. Not that im better or stronger, but that i am able to influence others and help others to become better. I hope that makes sense.
On Sunday we got a new branch president, president Tyler and he is one of the smartest men i have ever known. He teaches us and consistently pulls out different scriptures or quotes. He studies each individual word with its root, what it meant at the time, and what it means now. That's feasting on the scriptures if you ask me. For the last couple nights he has stopped in our class during planning and just teaches us something new, like where the hand shake came from. Sunday night, the fireside was given by Stephen b. Allen and was pretty much about not being stupid. ``I must obey, amen.`` My job for the next 2 years is to invite others to come unto Christ. leave everything behind.
Dad- Thank you for the letters. It is nice to hear your personal experiences and to see if i can learn from them.
Mom- Thank you also for the letter. may i ask one favor please? I could really use some thinner socks. the socks i have are like snowboarding socks and i feel like my feet are melting, and its not even that hot yet!! So maybe if you could have nicki send me some socks better for the heat i would be very happy. :) Thank you for everything and i love you!!
Samye and family- I'm still waiting for my pictures and letters! Every else has pictures and drawings from siblings or nieces and nephews! Just asking nicely if i can show off my family a little. :) You, the new one, and the rest of the family are in my prayers every night.
Nicki- Ive told a couple of my teachers here to see if they know you or if they can find you! None so far but I'm trying. Hope you had a good time visiting home and are excited to start another semester.
Alex- I'm going to try and write you back but I'm not sure if i will be able to yet. The bag idea sounds awesome! you will have to send me pictures! Also, yes i remember Megan i just wasn't sure if there was another one you were talking about. Ummm.......(Thats all I'm saying about the pug show.) and by the way, i know Oxford will help people in the hospital but I'm not sure if the help is helping them to live or helping them move onto the other side :) Good luck in school! sounds like you have a full schedule but make sure to use your time wisely and still spend time doing lots of things that truly make you happy.
I love you all. Quick little thoughts. total dedication is total success. Our actions, thoughts, and desires are a mirror image of our future. What we do now will decide our future. i know that if we give total dedication to all that matters, then we will be blessed and all will be well. What else could i be doing with my life right now? Alot. Plumbing, log cabins, school, married, or anything else. But, what could i be doing better with my life right now? Nothing. This is where i am supposed to be and I'm dong my best to be the best missionary possible.
Love, Elder Martino

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