Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Doing My Best!

Thank you for all of the letters and the love. Just a heads up I have gotten all of the dear elders and i appreciate it alot. That is the easiest way for me to get mail. I only have 30 minutes on the computer so it takes longer to read and respond on here. Thank you everyone for the personal letters and ill do my best to write back as best as i can.
Im not going to lie. I did really good in my journal the first week but after that ive been off and on. Its been awesome here though. The whole MTC is having sickness passed around and this has got to be the wort place to be for a sickness. My district is doing great and im doing great on getting to know everyone. We have 4 other elders going to my mission with me and so is my old zone leader. I have been struggling alot with the language but almost everyone is. Every time i talk to other missionaries i know going to Cambodia, Russia, Or any other place i realize that spanish isn't so hard... I have one elder in my district who is a very mild mannered, patient, loving guy and his companion is the one elder we all struggle to get along with. But i asked this elder to help me give a blessing the other day and it was his first time. I let him do the anointing and i did the blessing. Then two days ago we had someone else get sick and i asked if he could do it and he did amazing. I pulled him aside afterwards to see how he felt and he said the same thing any worthy priesthood holder should say. "I honestly don't remember exactly what i said after stating the authority." It was a big help to me to see him so happy and to see him grow that much more.
Briefly, our sunday fireside was by Merrill J. Bateman. The main thing that he mentioned wasnt even part of his talk. It was his initial comment after a musical number."How can you better have harmony in your relationships right now on a mission?" I love my companion and we get along great. Our tuesday devotional was by Cecil O. Samuelson and his wife. They did an amazing job talking on missionary work. We had a district testimony meeting afterwards and the spirit was so strong. I would be lying if i didnt say my allergies started to act up. The main point that stood out in my talk was that your are always being watched. Not necessarily by god but by those around you. There is also one other person in heaven i know is helping me many times while i am here.
Just to follow up on the Japaneses elder. There is a district here from Japan that speaks no english. They are amazing though. Every single one has only been a member for a maximum of 2 years and their desire to be here is felt by all. But the first night here we had a big meeting with all the neew missionaries here and they had just flown in and had to listen through translation on headphones. I felt bad for the guy so i didn't wake him up.
I have taught about 10 lessons in spanish now and i love it. Right now we are teaching a girl named Gloria and i love it. Even though it is our teacher, you can feel the spirit guide you into asking certain questions and saying certain things. Im doing my best on setting goals for myself to learn more everyday.
I greatly appreciate the dear elders. I am allowed to read them every night but still need to wait til P-Day to reply. Its a great way to relieve stress to lay in bed and read a letter from each of you. If you have any other questions or want to know anything else let me know. Oh and Dustin, its kind of sad but every day in the gym we have about 100 guys playing basketball on 6 hoops, but ive been told im actually alright at basketball. I felt pretty good after i was told that until i guarded Elder Green. He started for BYU this last year. to say the least, i didnt do much of anything..
Im loving it here and i love all of you. My thought for the week is 2 Nephi chapter 4. I have read that a couple times and it inspires my everytime. I know im going to argentina for a reason. Maybe i wont baptize many or any at all but i know i will be able to complete my purpose as a missionary and help the faith of God in others grow.
Love, Elder Martino

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