Thursday, August 4, 2011

Important mainly because of the words in the message

Drew has asked that we update this while he is gone- that way his friends have a way of hearing from him as he might get really busy! His first week sounds like fun, and sounds like he is working harder than ever. I will rarely edit anything from his letters so just pretend that it is Drew actually saying everything. 

Dear Family,
        Anyways this week has been awesome. The first couple days was crazy because i had no idea what was going on. I thought my immunizations would be good but nope, had to get 3 more shots and pay $166. My district is amazing. I am in the intermediate class which im not too sure about. Im feeling pretty dumb right about now when it comes to my spanish. My companion is Elder Anderson straight from Hawaii! 5 guys in my district are going to my mission while the others are going to either Dominican Republic or albequerque or San Antonio. I got called as DL which is pretty sweet and im trying to be the best example i can be for everyone. Its interesting though because its helping me more then anybody else.
     My first day we were in an orientation meeting and we were "teaching" an investigator who was japanese. We have a district of elders that are japanese and speak no english at all. During the meeting one of the japanese elders did the head bob and ended up falling asleep on my shoulder for a while, but hey i would to if i had to listen to a translator through headphones the whole time and didnt understand when everybody was laughing.
     My branch presidency is amazing. President Craig is one of the nicest guys. Every time he sees you, he gives you the biggest hug and tells you how much he loves you. Brother Jurgens, the first counselor, is usually the teacher in the meetings i go to and i love them! Brother Claybaugh, the seciond counselor, knows Uncle jim and told him hello for me.
     We had a fireside on sunday given by Robert P. Swenson all about love. We had a devotional on Tuesday by Gerald N. Lund, who by the way wrote the work and the glory. His talk was all about faith and how it works as a process.
      I know that i am here for a reason and i love it but the least the lord could do is not put cute, drop-dead gorgeous, girls here in the MTC. It is one of the only times i think ive ever fealt awkwrad talking to a girl. We as Elders have all learned just to look the other way, especially when the sister going to Hungary walks by.
     My classes though are super long. Thank you Nicki for all the tictacs. My teacher speaks only spanish, super quiet and super quick. It is really hard to understand anyhting he says. Everyday as a companionship we have to teach him the next lesson in spanish while he pretends to be "Hugo". Hugo is a drunk, family left him, catholic, quiet, and never says more then a one or two word answer. The first lesson was absolutely horrible... There is definately a language barrier going on here. I know what i want to say but i have no idea how. The entire time my companion is repeating "entonces, entonces, entonces" sweating bullets while looking at me and i have no idea how to say anyhting. The second lesson went much better though. We wrote down alot of what we wanted to say and did much better i thought.
     I have learned a lot since ive been here and not just language. I have talked in district meetings about the importance of prayer, worth of souls, power of testimony, the role of preach my gospel, and many other things. I pray for all 8 elders and 3 sisters in my district every night.
     I love all of you. Thank you for everything and i hope everything is well.
    Elder Martino

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  1. Yay! What an awesome letter! I'm seriously so proud of Drew. My heart swells every time I think of him. He's come so far these past couple years and it's been amazing to see such a wonderful change in him. He truly is a vessel for the Lord's work. My favorite part was about the girls. He's so funny! Thanks for posting this Samye! Love you!