Monday, October 10, 2011

Here in El Parque

Well its gone by super quick. kind of scary. First off, I'm getting better. The last couple days its rained and just been muddy and muggy and all of the above. It hasn't helped getting better when your soaking wet and cold. Oh and the umbrella broke in 5 minutes...Here is a couple things about my area. We walk every where. We would get bikes but they would get stolen very quick. Most the people are very nice and rarely do things happen to us. We have to watch out for cars because some people like to get those mormones when they are driving. Umm, there is an unreasonable amount of dogs. Most the dogs i could kick away but there are alot of people who like rottweilers and they don't like us. :)
Food. I'm kind of sick of the fried food. It is super good but that is all we eat. the vegetables and fruit are super expensive. We eat Milanese, guiso, pizza,empanadas, and asadas. I had my first big asada on Saturday night and it was ALOT of food. Churipan, bloodsausage, and alot more meat. oh and we do eat a bit of rice. The food is amazing just not a big variety. The bread is very good here and the facturas are great in the mornings. Oh, and we live down the street from an ice cream shop and a kid that works there we are talking with and working on him. Needless to say we have ice cream pretty often. People like to give the missionaries a warm glass of milk and cookies or juice.
The area is good. mud streets for the most part. Lots of babies and nice people. We have had quiet a few lessons but alot of people wont progress and its hard to figure out if its us or them. We do alot of tracting. Its fun using different random approaches and we come across interesting situations.
Elder Judd from Utah is my trainer and we live in a pench next to 2 other elders. Elder Judd and i get along great and have a fun time while we are working. He will leave next august.
Lets see, elections are in November and the streets are covered with posters and people driving down with speakers talking about the elections.
We have quiet a few investigators. They are awesome people. Yesterday at church we did sacrament, bore my testimony, almost taught primary, helped teach sunday school. There is alot of responsibility when not many people come. We were supposed to have 6 investigators at church. 1 showed up. After church we went and ate at a members house and then went contacting til a lesson later that night.
I got to give 3 blessings this week. super hard and I'm glad they knew my intentions but it was a really good experience. It was a rough week but we are staying happy and working our best.
Oh our pench is right down the street from our chapel. You cant mail things straight to me. Everything has to go through the mission home to get to me. Oh and we ended up not singing in church but we sing everyday so its ok. Umm as far as a package goes, whatever is good with me. Umm oh and anybody should feel free to email me. Its a whole lot quicker and its ok to do.
A couple times since last sunday people have asked me if i knew James Martino. They said that we looked alike. Ill take that as a compliment.
Mom. Hope everything is good. Sounds like ya ll are staying busy. Tell everyone i say hi!!

Dad. I heard you were pretty sore from some gardening..Maybe just maybe yall should get some cheap help..Hope everything is going well.

Samye and D. Samye there is a Lady in my ward who is due a week after you so she told me she would need our help. Not sure what that means but thought id tell ya. Hope all the kids are well and yall are doing great.

Nicki. Sounds like you've been visiting home and that you look really happy. Keep it up and don't let guys get you down. They are dumb anyways and everything will happen in its own time.

Alex. Keep doing well in school and making good friendships. Hope to hear from ya soon.

Love you all.

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