Monday, June 3, 2013

End of May

Well Monday night after I wrote ya´ll my comp got very sick and we ended up having to go back to the apartment. Not too much fun. Tuesday We had a service lifting down a tank of water which lasted for a while surprisingly and then we had a ward missionary meeting which was actually very good and we have some good ideas to work on here in our ward. Wednesday we had interviews with President that were really good. This was also the day a big cold front came in and i love it!!!! It is soo much better to be a missionary in the cold then in the heat! We made it back in time for a couple lessons and then had to head in. Thursday was a normal day of work with not too much new along with Friday with the difference that we got to start one of the activites that we are going to be starting. Family History! We are going to have a ward activity on the 7 of June and right now we are preparing by doing classes of family history. Its starting out very nicely! Sunday at church was a bummer. We were sorking so hard this last week so that people would come to church, but nobody showed up...Not a single person we were hoping for showed up which was a bummer but hey thats the mish sometimes. To be honest, the last time of the mission is very difficult, especially when in a difficult area with a difficult companion, but i still wouldnt trade it for a thing. The other day we were walking and the thought just popped into my mind, ¨Just go home right now. You´ve done a lot of work and your done.¨It sucked to be honest, but one just needs to keep remembering the blessings one has had. Maybe I wont have any big success before I go home, but I wont let down until that last day. The mission isnt easy an any form, but that is because it is helping you that much more become the person you need to become. Thats why life is never easy for the righteous. None of us has gotten to the point where we should end. They always say nothing thats worth it is easy, well I can promise you becoming more like Christ or becoming a God is not easy. Love, Elder Martino

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