Sunday, February 26, 2012

Slow, Hot & Good!

This week was good. We were working really hard to reach a goal of 10 with member lessons. We have been working all week to get it. We ended yesterday with 9... Kind of a bummer. We had so many fail on us all at the last minute. I know there was some things we could have done better but we were working hard.

Both Lopez and i havent felt the best since wednesday. We both have a small fever and of course my athsma is going crazy but its nothing too bad. It just makes it that much more fun to go out and work. The good thing is that as they say the harder it is to go out and work and you do it, the more beautiful your wife will be. We are trying hard to get our butts outside working.

We have been focusing alot on have Family Home Evenings here. Our goal right now is to have one every night with a different family we are working with. We did farely good this week and i think it is working well.

I apologize this is all jumbled but not a whole lot happened this week. It finally rained the last couple days andit helps alot at first until the sun comes out and it kills!

Now for the main topic. The missionaries have been working with a family here for over a year now and ihave since i have been here. I love the family to death although there is alot of problems. The parents arent married or baptized and as of now will not get married.
I love all of you!

Elder Martino

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