Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Well we definately started the week off interesting. Monday night I had the most uncomfortable lesson in my mission so far. The mom(not biological but since they were one or two years old) is innactive and the two daughters are 14 and 16 but also go to church. She is upset that they lie and disrespect her and her husband all the time. The husband was in the next room listening and the other room was 4 teenage boys playing videogames. Well she starts yelling and the 16 year old is crying(the mom was saying some really hurtful stuff) and the 14 year old is off in her own little world. The mom expected the daughters to be perfect because they went to church and if not they shouldnt go to church. Well we tried our best without hurting anybody to help them. I ended up hearing the Chaco version of the boy who cried wolf from my companion which was interesting...I also tried to let the mom know that her daughters were good girls. I ended up telling her that they are much better then what i was and it takes alot of patience from a parent to deal with that. Those years are hard but the parents always need to be there to back there kids up. Quick side note. I am teaching a new member family right now how to do family history work, while learning myself, and teaching english to him and his family. Well the intersting thing is trying to teach something i dont know much about and that the dude looks and acts exactly like Chris Rock.. Other then that we have had alot of rain and been doin some fun service projects and meeting lots of new people. This week we had alot of success which was great. Yesterday in church is the main thing that has hit me this week. In Elders Class we are studying the book of George Albert Smith and i want to share a story out of it. Prayer allows us to talk to our Heavenly Father as though He were present. It is a wonderful blessing that we enjoy in these times of stress and uncertainty to feel sure of divine guidance, to have absolute faith in a personal God who is interested in us and who hears and answers our prayers.4 A number of years ago … I heard of [a] nine-year-old boy, an orphan, who was hurried off to the hospital, where examination indicated that he had to be operated upon without delay. He had been living with friends who had given him a home. His father and mother, (when they were alive) had taught him to pray; thus, when he came to the hospital, the thing he wanted was to have the Lord help him. The doctors had decided to hold a consultation. When he was wheeled into the operating room, he looked around and saw the nurses and the doctors who had consulted on his case. He knew that it was serious, and he said to one of them, as they were preparing to give him the anesthetic: “Doctor, before you begin to operate, won’t you please pray for me?” The doctor, with seeming embarrassment, offered his excuses and said, “I can’t pray for you.” Then the boy asked the other doctors, with the same result. Finally, something very remarkable happened; this little fellow said, “If you can’t pray for me, will you please wait while I pray for myself?” They removed the sheet, and he knelt on the operating table, bowed his head and said, “Heavenly Father, I am only an orphan boy. I am awful sick. Won’t you please make me well? Bless these men who are going to operate that they will do it right. If you will make me well, I will try to grow up to be a good man. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for making me well.” When he got through praying, he lay down. The doctors’ and the nurses’ eyes were filled with tears. Then he said, “I am ready.” The operation was performed. The little fellow was taken back to his room, and in a few days they took him from the hospital, well on the way to complete recovery. Some days after that, a man who had heard of the incident went to the office of one of the surgeons and said, “Tell me about the operation you performed a few days ago—the operation on a little boy.” The surgeon said, “I have operated on several little boys.” The man added, “This little boy wanted someone to pray for him.” The doctor said very seriously, “There was such a case, but I don’t know but that it is too sacred a thing for me to talk about.” The man said, “Doctor, if you will tell me, I will treat it with respect; I would like to hear it.” Then the doctor told the story about as I have retold it here, and added: “I have operated on hundreds of people, men and women who thought they had faith to be healed; but never until I stood over that little boy have I felt the presence of God as I felt it then. That boy opened the windows of heaven and talked to his Heavenly Father as one would talk to another face to face. I want to say to you that I am a better man for having had this experience of standing and hearing a little boy talk to his Father in heaven as if he were present.”5 [See suggestion 2 on page 100.] Let us so live that every night when we kneel to pray and every morning when we bow before the Lord in thanksgiving, there will be in us the power to open the heavens so that God will hear and answer our prayers that we will know that we are approved of Him.6 If the faith of a nine year old boy without a family who is facing a serious surgery is that strong, why cant I and why cant you have this same unshakeable faith in our daily lives. Prayer is our only personal communication with our father. He wants to help us and listen to our problems and he will. The question is if we will let him and recognize wqhat he does for us. Love, Elder Martino

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