Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quick Week

Well it was a quick week. The cold is coming in and i love it. Every one here says that everyone gets fat in the winter so im getting ready. Just to make sure, if i come back a butterball are people still going to like me? We had a couple days this week when the work was very slow and the walking never ended. The good thing is we have gained the trust of many many members including the bishop(paso a paso). I had great success with less active members along with great food which helped! This week we get to go cook ├▒okis for a less active family who came to church for the first time in a while. This weekend coming up is exciting. So many things that are going to happen. We have a baptism on Saturday which of course is 5 de Mayo and of course we are going to celebrate mexican style! Sunday we have ward conference and the members are helping us to get many people there. We have over 600 members with about 100 active...Our goal is to have many more present. I have one member here who is known through the missionaries as never liking an elder. Well, the other day we wanted to study Jesus the Christ with us. Let me just say that when i read that book in English i feel like im reading in a different language. Spanish made it that much harder but almost easier to understand. Turns out that he likes me. I have no clue what i did but we sat and just studied part of a chapter and it went very well. Last night as well we had a noche de hogar with a couple. Turns out they had just had a fight and she wouldnt come out but whatever. We were reading and talking and the guy ended up saying that he feels as if I were his counselor in heaven before this life...Not sure what he meant by that but, cool. They always say in your mission you find people who knew you before this life... This week all in all was a struggle. I wont say why but in every prayer i said(including the many extra prayers) i was asking for the lord to give me patience. The days we were long and my comp and I just didnt agree on certain things. Turns out God just doesnt all of the sudden make me like Job. Once again it comes peace by peace and alot of work. I did alot of reading and studying as well. It is amazing what help it is when you just forget about yourself. Forget about what i want, what i think is a better idea, what i need, or what i would do. If i start to think how can i help this person, what does it hurt if we do this, what does this person need, or how can i make this person happier. If my goal is to make others happy, i will be happy myself. Love, Elder Martino

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