Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It was a good week! We had the doctor on Tuesday and got the ok to go out and work more. We rest a couple hours in the afternoon but work in the morning and late afternoon all night. We had to start almost all over but it went well. Many people we couldnt find again but we had alot of success of finding others. Well as you can see i got my haircut by a member in my ward. I figured what is the worst that can happen...Well it really made me think when he started to cry while cutting my hair..Oh, and it was all with scissors too... Well it didnt turn out too bad, a little short but im ok with it. Afterwards I got up on his roof and put new tin down and fixed the rest of it. Besides that not a whole lot happened. The cold has started to come in which i like. There is now light in all my area and everything is mostly back to normal. Oh, we did have transfers and president decided to keep us together which i think will be good. I did some reading the other day and find a scripture i really liked. D&C 6:29-31. In these it pretty much describes why we should have no fear to share the gospel. Usually we say the worst they can do is say no but the truth is the worst they can do is kill us. I doubt that will to ever to many of us but its a reassurance (sp) that as long as we share it we are blessed if they say yes or no. It was a little boost for me. I often didnt like clapping houses but where can i go wrong if im sharing what i should and how i should. Love, Elder Martino

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