Monday, April 16, 2012

Lots of Rest .....

Well, I have been in the pench almost all day everyday. We did go to
the doctor last Tuesday and find out his shoulder is completely broken
and not just fractured. Cool part was they sent us two and the three
assistants walking through the hospital which was fun to look at all
the faces but it got really old after waiting 4 hours for the doctor
then meeting with him for less then 5 minutes.

Well Wednesday we had a member who told me he would go out with me
while my comp stayed with a member. Well, we got to his house and he
wasn't feeling, back to the pench. Thursday a member did go
with me from 3 to 5 before we had to open up his store and it actually
went very well. Friday, no one could help us. Saturday I got to go out
again from 3-6 which was great. I went with Hermano Villalba, an
elderly man in my ward, who surprisingly walks a good pace and helped
alot. We had a couple interesting lessons, one more then the others.
Its another elderly man that we had a baptismal date for this coming
Saturday. I will say he pulled every surprise out of the book i could
think of. Turns out after telling us over and over he had quit
drinking that he hadn't. He said that he always likes to have a little
glass of wine when he eats...I'm not too sure it is only a little as
the man is swaying back and forth but hey. That was surprise one i
tried to confront and teach. Problem two was when his 40 year old son
stares at me from the hallway for a couple minutes then starts asking
me what i wanted because the dog wouldn't stop barking. Well, all i
want is to talk with your father and you also if your interested. He
didn't like that too much and asked again what i wanted because the dog
from outside wouldn't stop barking. Well i said, ¨I really don't want
anything more then to talk with your dad. The dog probably wont stop
barking because he wants to play with someone.¨ He then walked away
and left us to talk. Now for the best problem. One I have not come
across yet. The last time we talked to him was about baptism and he
really liked the idea of being baptized like Jesus so you know what he
did? He went to a different church and did don't get himself
baptized...That one threw me way off guard and we talked about it a
little but he started to cry about other stuff that was happening in
life so we left it for another time.

Sunday we had stake conference and my comp and I had dates! Sort of...
We picked up an elderly woman who we have been teaching that was
excited to come with us. Then we stopped by to pick up some inactive
young men who said they would go with us but they weren't there,
instead their grandma walked out and wanted to come with us. We had to
take a taxi and then a bus to get there but it went very well. Mom, I
don't think you will ever in your life want to take a taxi here.

It was a slower week but this week we should find out what will be
happening with my comp and I.


Elder Martino

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