Tuesday, April 3, 2012

End of the Week was good!

This week was filled with alot of walking, rejection, returning, more
rejection, and bad news. The work this week was a little more
difficult than usual. We did have alot of good service this week which
was good but that was about it. Mostly all of our lessons fell through
or if they did happen they weren't what I was hoping.

Monday we started off good. We had two good lessons one of which was
with our relief society president and second counselor in the ward and
there family. This lesson did have a positive outcome. They asked us
if we could help out with a couple things and we had feedback from
others it was a good noche de hogar. That is a good promising sign for
us that the members are gaining more trust in us.

Wednesday was interviews with President. It was early on in the
transfer but they went great. Its always good to talk to him and it
was good to thank him for a couple things. Afterwards we walked to the
other end of our area for lunch who had forgotten about us so we did
what any hungry man here would do, we bought choripan in the street.
Don't get me wrong, it was pretty yummy but we definitely wont be going
back to that guy. Made the rest of the day super great!! That night we
went to visit a member in the villa who wanted to visit with us. Turns
out we found out their oven and stove was leaking gas. First we fixed
that, then the freezer, then some electrical problems. Not the best to
walk through the villa at night but super cool part is the member gave
me one of his old sport coats that didn't fit him anymore! Pictures to
come another day.

Through out the rest of the week we lost alot of lessons but kept
going. A couple interesting family home evenings that didn't pan out
how i expected but that's how it goes. As we talked to a member Friday
something he said stood out to me. ¨Those who don't live to serve don't
serve to live.¨Kind of interesting no?

Conference was wonderful except for that fact that every person who
promised they would come, take a guess, did not come. Well this is
what i say. These two days were days for me and if they didn't want to
share it with me then tomatela! Sorry a little selfish and rude, but
this conference was something i was really looking forward to and it
was amazing. Turns out the church is allowed to sing one of my
favorite hymns again which was a nice surprise. Some of the talks that
really stood out to me where Paul E. Koelliker, Henry B. Eyring,
Jeffrey R. Holland (like always), Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Russell M Nelson
(¨Could an explosion in a print shop produce a dictionary?¨),
President Monson, M Russell Ballard, David F Evans, and Neil L

I would like everyone to look back at what David F Evans said.
Something to the fact of missionaries like getting letters. Tangible
letters that they can touch, read, and take with them. :)

I know i gave yall a challenge for conference and i hope you all did
it. I did do it but i apologize but it is not something i will share.
I did get an answer and i know you could have as well.

Little funny story for the week. I did a full house contact this week
with a parrot this week almost. I clapped and heard hola so i started
to talk. Turns out it was the parrot right there that i had invited to
listen to us. My companion was laughing pretty hard.

Love, Elder Martino

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