Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cooling Down!

The days are definately cooling down. Today is actually pretty chilly
and im already sick. This week defiantely flew by very quick. We had a
very good week this week as far as numbers went and a couple days.
Other days were rough and alot of rejection and walking.

Monday it rained all afternoon and night. It was kind of funny,
walking to a lesson we had this massive black cloud started coming our
way rumbling and lightning. My comp is actually really scared of
lightning when he is in the street. Well we had a couple good lessons
except one really bad one. Member family that is innactive. Father
used to be in the high council but due to all the `corruption` he saw,
he left the church. For the last year the missionaries have been
teaching the family to baptize their son. The father always said that
he was working things out to where he could baptize his son but it
never pulled through. Well we found out the reason that night. We
couldnt even say a prayer but we bore our testimonies and told them
whenever they need something to call us, but as for now we will let
time do its magic. Youd be amazed what time can do for some people.

Wednesday I also faced another question that actually got me in a
little trouble... Well we are with an innactive family and we watch a
boof of mormon dibujito about Nephi and building the ship. Afterwards
the dad pulls a question out of no where! How do we know God and Jesus
isnt black? I immediately started laughing which i dont think he liked
at that moment, but ya... Well he wanted an answer in the bible and he
wanted it then, so this is what i did. :) First I looked in the bible
which it doesnt say anywhere. Turns out it answers it in Moses but not
in the bible. Well i ended up asking him a couple questions. Do you
believe in this church? the book of mormon? ok, cool. So why cant the
answer be there? Really, i could care less if Jesus is white, black,
blue, or red but ya.

This week we found 6 new people that we have baptismal dates for which
should be very good. We got a man to give us his tobacco plant, I got
spit on, we built the roof of a house(half-way), we walked a whole
lot, and and some amazing lessons that made up for it all.

The most exciting thing is this week. Tuesday we have interviews with
president and Saturday and Sunday conference.

Challenge for each one of you. It is the same challenge I am making
with many people here. For the last couple years I have always thought
of a quesion I had in my life. The week before conference I constantly
think about it and study in the scriptures for it, then when
conference comes I take notes on everything, but i especially listen
for an answer. I have found every time I can find an answer to the
question. Whether its the answer i like or not i can find it.

Love, Elder Martino

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