Monday, March 12, 2012

A Fast Week!

This week flew by way too fast. Every single day we were running from
appointment to appointment.

One funny little story. So we were in our meeting thursday night with
our mission leader in the church. We finished up talking about most
everything but i had a question about a member. Turns out i know what
happend. He died, right in the same room where we were. Thats always
fun when you have been trying to find this person forever and then you
find out they died right where you are sitting.

Well this very same day right before hand we were out in El Pato
teaching a couple lessons. Our baptism we had that lived out there,
the grandpa who is member told us ont worry about coming over to
finish up the last lesson because the 9 year old girl doestn want to
get baptized. Well he told us not to come over becasue that and what
not. So what did I decide we do? We went over there and talked to her
and the family. Well turns out we couldnt get her to change her mind
but we know it was the father who isnt member. super sweet huh.

Well we did lose a baptism but good thing is we had 2 others that went
very well. Saturday night we had our baptismal service and it was
great. It was the children of the women I baptized a month ago. Let me
tell you, She is golden. Since her baptism she has been in the church
i think almost everyday. Instiiute class, Relief Society, Cleaning,
Whatever other activity. She seems to be a baller at this whole church
thing and will make a great leader!! She even spoke at the baptism of
her kids. Oh, and yes i made brownies and everybody loved them.

Saturday night we got the call i wasnt expecting. It was my turn to be
transfered. Sunday was spent going around and seeing everyone and
saying my goodbyes. Im going to be honest with you. It was not too
hard to leave a single one of you back home to come on the mission. I
dont know why. I knew i would be leaving here sometime but i guess it
never clicked with me. I just thought of El Parque as my home. It was
a lot harder then i expected to say goodbye. One of my families here
made a DVD for me of my time in that area. It holds alot of good
memories. My biggest fear isnt to move on to a new place but it is
that i wont like my new place like El Parque.

My new area is Acevedo (I think thats how its spelled). It is right
close to Banfield. My new companion is Elder Aquino. He is from Chaco,
Argentina and 26. Everyone in the mission knows him...From what i
heard nothing was good. Im going to go with everything they said was
wrong. Hopefully this transfer will be great. Im excited to start in a
new area and get to know some more people.

Love Elder Martino

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