Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Experience of a Life Time!

Well im going to start out with the best part of the week, Wednesday. They called me monday asking if wednesday we would be willing to go to the temple and help clean it from the open house. My response was heck ya! We got there at 9 in the morning and were working with a guy named Drake Hill. He is the head architect and designer for over 80 temples now. It is amazing how he could remember EXACTLY where every little thing belonged. Well 8 of us spent the day being his little ducklings following him around everywhere he went. I got to hang paintings, put the furniture and set it all up in all of the sealing rooms, celestial room, and confirmation room. We got to walk upstairs and see EVERYTHING. It was really really cool. We spent almost the entire day with him til President came to pick us up. We even got President a couple little gifts...OH!! Best part! So i had the opportunity to, with permission, break vases from the temple anterior. I told Bro, Hill that in a year if he needed an assistant helper to just give me a call and id be more then willing to help him! Besides this day we had a good week. We had two service projects on saturday that kind of wore me out. Now this week we are preparing for this weekend. Friday we have a fireside With Elder Eyring, Elder Ballard, and Elder Christofferson. Saturday we have the temple culture activity and then on sunday we have the dedication. I have a feeling it is going to be a very good week. Have a good week!!!! Love, elder Martino

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