Sunday, September 23, 2012

Single to the Glory!

Kind of a lower week this week. Yesterday was really upsetting. I have been trying so hard with certain families to come to church and they do once. Saturday we passed by all of the baptismal dates we had and called all of them that night an they all promised to go. well all but 2 didnt come. We lost 7 baptisms yesterday and im hoping we can regain a couple. It was really a frustrating day. The good news is we did have an awesome couple come with us and a less active girl who came for the first time in a long time. Her whole family is active so they are excited to have her back. This week had a lot of walking. It was a beautiful week but the majority of our citas failed on us. I will admit yesterday in church i was sitting in sacrament and i was really upset. I was thinking about how transfers are coming up soon and i could move on to a new area. Well heads up to future missionaries, you shouldnt ever have that attitude. You look on the bright side and keep working. The good days arent good without the bad days being super super crappy. Another thing that has caught my mind is the fact that i cant help everyone. I do my part but then it is up to them. I show them where to step but they are the ones that have to lift up there heavy foot and make the step. Last wednesday we are a meeting for all district leaders in the mission. It was really good at first. The point when the elders started to ask too many simple questions was when it went wrong. Thats th point when having no meeting at all is better then having one. Besides that part the meeting helped me think alot about what i can do better to help these missionaries. The problem is just finding out how to do it. The mission is going well. Its difficult right now with little success and sickness but we just keep moving forwardj with our eye SINGLE to the glory of god. You gotta love it!! Love, Elder Martino

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