Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Golden Couple

Lets start with tuesday. when we left it was clear sky and warm outside so we left in short sleeve. by 4 oclock it was pouring. It rained all day and got farely cold. That didnt help at all with being sick and we got fodged alot but the good thing was i kept my companion entertained with my sweet angelic voice singing to him the entire time in the street. It at least kept me happy. That night we also got to celebrate the Birthday of Ruben the husband Jacqui who we baptized a couple weeks ago. Wednesday not alot happened. Thursday was an alright day til night time. I dont know what hit me but i got a horrible headache and started to get really dizzy. In the middle of our dinner i just about blacked out but luckily i made it back to our pinch and just layed down on the floor for a couple minutes. The worst part is is that they made a very very yummy looking dinner but i couldnt eat much at all. Thursday i almost got hit by a car. MOM DONT READ! Ha, we were walking and all of the sudden word gunshots then a car came flying by a corner and almost hit me but luckily i still have cat like rflexes and i was able to dodge it. Then another car came chasing after it and then 2 seconds later there were tons of cops and ambulances. Sweet huh! Saturday morning we started at 8 oclock with a service and did 4 services in total finally finishing at 8 at night just in time for a lesson. We poured two floors, tour down walls on a second story and then cut down and burned a tree. We, i really do believe, saved our investigator and his sons life. The second story house thing was a house of wood with bricks layering the outside. Well three of the walls we could take of the bricks from the ouside but the last we couldnt because it had a house right underneath it on the other side. well we tied it off and when it was falling i was able to hold it off for a split second before it smooshed this guy and his son. It was one heavy wall! The highlight of the week is a couple we are teaching. They are golden!! As of earlier this week she didnt want to get married, but we left them with some homework and on Sunday when we talked she said we could go with her on wednesday to go get a date for marriage!! Woooo!!!!! Yesterday at church i had a member pull me aside. He is about 28 and single but an amazing guy. He is one of the best missionaries i know and he doesnt have any name badge to show it. Well the thing is is that he is going through a very very difficult time and the amazing thing was he came to me before anybody else. It is just nice to know the trust some people have in you just after serving them. Also amazing about this guy is his efforts to share the gospel. There is no such thing as an ex-missionary, just return missionary. That goes for all of us. Love, Elder Martino

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