Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Only Women in My Life

I want to start off by saying besides the emails, the only women i have in my life are my grandmothers. Not sad to say that i love them and they are the most faithful letter writers! Grandma y Jean son las capas! I love you two!! This morning in the bus station i had rocks thrown at me. I loved it though. I looked over at the man and he tried to look as if he didnt do anyhting and then I started to walk towards him and he started to run away. I think some people are crazy. They think im just trying to rob there money, women, or water but yet they still have lots of fear of us. Anyways, i felt as if i was being stoned as the prophets of old...sort of... This week wasnt too exciting. We broke a record with investigators in church! 12! We have a baptism this saturday and we are going to do it in the stake center between conference sessions! Her name is Marlen and she is a cool guy! One of our promising investigators had her baby saturday and tonight i get to go see them so i am pretty excited! We had a meeting this week for trainers and the new missionaries and in one week i finish training and am most likely leaving. Kind of sucks because Sunday i wont have anytime to say goodbye to many people but at the same time i am very excited for conference!!! “If you believe that you can then you are right and you can; if you don’t believe that you can then you are also right and you can’t.” That is a quote that President shared with us the other day. I wasnt til the mission that i realized how true it is. Everything starts with a desire. If you dont believe you can than you wont be able to, but if you believe you can and follow it with faith and works then you will be able to! Love, Elder Martino

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