Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 25 2013

Yall are on the final touch-ups! Have a good time! Well, we spent the entire week finding, but I am going to start at the end of the week this time because that was the most interesting part of the week. Yesterday we had a couple baptisms. Veronica is an area in our zone where the matrimony Gatika is there. They had found an innactive member who was married and had kids. Well they activated this man and he ended up baptizing his wife and son. This baptism was at two in the afternoon and beforehand we had stake conference that came from Salt Lake. We barely got everything set up on time to watch the conference. Well that ended at noon and afterwards I started to fill the baptismal font and then went upstairs with the other missionaries to eat a couple sandwiches and wait. Well I had the sudden thought that I had forgot to turn off the water...i ran down stairs and almost the entire bottom floor was covered in water. All except for the cultural hall and the sacrament room. A couple people were down stairs trying to push it all outside, but no one had the key to get in except me to turn it off. i officially baptized my church building. The good thing was the stake presidency was there and they did nothing but help and laugh. Good times. Saturday we helped a family paint there new house and we will be doing a couple more service projects there here soon. It was really fun but it really made me want to have my own little house. Thursday afternoon til Friday morning we had intercambios with the assistants and our district lider. Elder Arguedas the district leader went with one assistant and my comp went with the other while I went with Elder Adams which is still farely new. Our goal was that each companionship finds at least two new people and sacks two new baptismal dates. Well The majority of us did it and it turned out to be farely good. Other than all that the entire week was spent on clapping houses and other methods of how to find new people. Everyone still talks about the Pope and how good of a guy he is and all the changes he is going to make. Just more and more interesting everyday. The photos I sent are of Hermana Lopez who was a mini- missionary in our zone for two transfers. Yesterday Elder Bowen spoke in the conference and talked alot about questions. We cant grow as quick or recieve as much revelation if we dont have questions and try to find them. I really liked what he talked about. the other amazing part was how Elder Nelson spoke in spanish himself without a translator. He does have a strong american accent, but did an amazing job. Congratulations Nicki and Cameryn(I dont know how to spell your name exactly)!!! Love, Elder Martino

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