Saturday, January 5, 2013

I'm in the Oven

There is a saying here that says ¨estas en el horno¨. It usually means you did something wrong. Well i just got transfered to Los Hornos (the ovens) so it sounds like i have done alot wrong... Good news is that for transfers today it was perfect. It clouded over and has a rained a little off and on. Its about a 2 hour train ride to get here from capital. The bad news is i have to go back 2 more times this week. Christmas eve was soooooo hot!! They said it got up to 46 degrees celsius and it was like that all day long until midnight when a massive storm came in and cooled everything down. Tuesday was a pretty chill day. We werent supposed to leave in the morning for the crazy drunks but we went out and visited a couple families and was even able to skype the fam. Everyone is looking good but much older....algunos tambien tienen muchas canas mas....I hope it was a Merry Christmas for everybody. That night though i actually started to get really sick. Wednesday i had to go out with another newer missionary and by 7 i had completely lost my voice. That same day we found an innactive family. To be honest I have never heard of a family having so many problems. The 25 year old son has a terminal disease and cant walk anymore, she has no work, he doesnt either, a small tiny house with no windows. To top it all off they have no water whatsoever. Oh, and it was her birthday and the 6 year old daughters birthday on friday. We stopped by to give her a small present. I honestly dont think i have ever felt like i did while talking with them. The other big news is a surprise baptism we had! An 8 year old girl wanted to get baptized at the last moment and the parents andbishop said ok so we did it. Bad news is while filling the font up, the water shut off. It had only filled up about 18 inches. We told her we were going to postpone it and she told us no. lol. She said ¨I am getting baptized today and Martino, you are going to do it.¨ Well we ended up doing it and it turned out great. I was a little upset about leaving this area so quick. There was so much i wanted to do to help everyone and yesterday i was really feeling bad. I started to think about it and we actually did alot. Baptized 2 almost 3 future priesthood holders that can one day be a big help to the ward. We also activated many families and strengthened many others. I might have wished to be there longer, but it was good. I just have to realize that the fact im leaving an area so quick maybe isnt because i did something wrong but because someone needs me here. The main thing that called my atention this week was the opportunity to talk with that poor family. I really do believe i was able to more fully understand the love Christ has for us. I listened and looked at her thinking, ¨why does she have so many problems even if they are her fault? Why is it that i cant do much for them except try and comfort her?¨I am pretty sure that is what our father and elder brother say about us. Correcting my own thought, they have already said that. That is the whole reason for the atonement, to help aleviate our pains and sufferings. ¨Why is it that Elder Martino makes it so hard on himself?¨ As a father and brother they dont like to see us burnourselves, and they have told us not to, but when we do they are there instantly to help take away the pain that we caused. Love, Elder Martino

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