Saturday, January 5, 2013

That's what I needed!

Well lets see... Monday, nothing really happened. Tuesday neither. Wednesday, all the zone leaders had a meeting with President that lasted just about all day. It actually helped me a whole lot. It was a good moment to think about everything going on in the mission and in our zone. We got home and tried to run and go talk with a family but on the way my chain on the bike broke...We made it there and they couldnt even meet with us. So then we hurried back to the church for a lesson we were going to have with a new investigator, the catholic guy i told you about. Turns out something similar happened. We watched the Restoration and it was really good but afterwards some argueing started going on as i just stayed quiet. Long story short is we wont be teaching him again. Thursday we had a zone meeting in the morning and the streets were completely flooded up to the church door. All afternoon it poured and we literally couldnt enter into the majority of our area. Friday we had exchanges and i went with Elder Hoagland who is from....Dallas, Texas. I went to his area in Guernica and the bad part is that they didnt have a single thing planned all day except contacts...Good thing is i promised my self we would find someone. We went ALLLL day contacting houses. We ended up finding an innactive family who in turn went to church for the first time in a very long time yesterday. We afterwards continued clapping houses and still nothing. It was 830 and we have taken the bus to get back and gotten back right on time but we decided to pass by one more house. I know this is a common story you hear from missionaries, but it happens. We took the second mile and found someone. We taught her and she accepted to prepare herself to be baptized on the 23. Hopefully she will make it, but the best thing that happened was that it was the very last house. It wasnt even a plan that we had but it worked. Saturday we changed back and i came back to my area. We did a service in the morning washings walls with bleach which really helped with my hands :). Then we spent the rest of the day teaching. Yesterday was a good day. We baptized Marcelo who is the father of a family and has listened to the missionaries for years and finally felt it was time. It was a great baptism!! Last night we even went to there house and I made tacos for them. Next week we have 2 baptisms on Friday and 3 more on Sunday. As for right now it is pouring again outside. I was doing some thinking the other day and being in the mission over christmas can be difficult for a missionary. Sometimes its hard to think, ¨What would i be doing right now if i was home?¨ The truth is it can be hard if you let it, or it can be one of the best experiences ever. In Acts 20:35 it teaches us something very important about Christmas. Being a missionary as far as i can understand is the only moment a person will have the opportunity to give everything. It is better to give then to recieve but the truth is when you give yourself to this work, you recieve more then any other person in the world will recieve for Christmas. Thats my thoughts at least. Love Elder Martino

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