Saturday, January 5, 2013

End of the World Today!

Sorry about last monday, the power went out in our area for a storm that passed through so thats why i got it off Tuesday. We ended up leaving after all the wind and everything stopped but dont worry we still got soaked. Tuesday was interesting. We left for a couple hours to work but we had to be back and take the train to Glew for a meeting. President Stapley wanted us to accompany him in a meeting with the stake president and all the bishops in our stake. It was really good all that was shared and i hope it can really help are stake improve. President dropped us off at the train station but all trains were stopped for a couple murders that had just happened on the bus. That made for along wait, but the bad thing its not the first time its happened since ive been here. Wednesday and Thursday not too much happened. Friday was a great day. I was able to spend some time helping Hermana Nina, who lives in front of us and is our mommy, with her geneology. The bad thing is im having to learn while teaching her. It really is fun though even though i have no idea what im doing. if someone could help me out, she asked me to help her find something out about a Palmina Fanizza. Oh, and the hermana is going to start reading the book of mormon in Italian with me :). That afternoon we headed off to Brandsen, where we used to work part-time, and had two baptisms. I apologize i forgot my camera today to send photos but next week i will. And, as you will see int he pictures, i got to baptize in a tiny portable plastic pool. I wasnt sure the man and I were going to enter...Then we had an end of the year dinner with them. The best part is the 2 baptisms were 2 people we had found and it was great to see the seeds sometimes we plant! Saturday we got our chapel ready for Sunday and spent the time trying to teach as many people as possible. Oh, we went way out in our area but the mosquitos were literally eating us alive. i had never seen so many in my life. The good news is being way out in the country we saw a wild peacock. It was kind of weird but super cool. Now Sunday :). We had church and right afterwards three more baptisms. My comp was to first baptize Clara theni was to baptize Diego and Zahira. Well Clara got really scared with all the people there and ran to the bathroom crying. Well we went ahead and I baptized the other two and when she came out she was still super nervous. Im not sure why but i was changing and all of the sudden my comp came in and said she wanted me to baptize her...Well i got in the water and helped her down and they opened the doors. Before i started she asked if she could give me hug which i guess in a situacion like that im not going to say no while everybody is watching. Good news is it allworked out! :) Now the thought of the week. We have an investigator, or boyfriend of innactive member, that is a really great guy. We is growing so much and loves sharing with us. He asked us an interesting question the other day. ¨Why is it that most people only go to God when things arent right? If he is our father, wouldnt it make sense if we talked to him all the time?¨ I had never heard someone answer there own question like he did. Then on Sunday it was my turn to talk about our heavenly Father. I focused in mainly on that topic. Why is it, even us members some times, go to other people, doctors, or even family before our father in heaven. The truth is someone who believes he is our heavenly father but doesnt talk to him before anybody else really doesnt understand our relationship with him. It is a lack of faith on our part if we dont. We can give the excuse that we forgot, and if that is the case then i dont believe we really understand who he is...I am not sure that we even comprehend a portion of his love for us, but i know that should be our goal. What better way to get to know someone then to talk with them. Love, Elder Martino

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