Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 5

This was an interesting week for sure. It has cooled down a little and nights its perfect now. Well let me tell you a little about this week.

Starting Tuesday we had no water. All of the water was shut down. It came back on Saturday. Well we did shower once in between there before Elder Aidukaitis came to us. I cant tell you how though. It wasnt illegal or bad but i cant say. All i can say is we found a way to shower. Thursday we woke up at 5 to shower and get to the meeting with Elder Aidukaitis on time. We made it, but we were exausted. It was a really good meeting and he definately dropped the cane on us. Pretty much we should be having a baptism every week he said and if not then we dont have enough faith. lol. We are trying to get better now and correct things everyday.

Friday we woke up at 5 again because Judd had to be in capital by 8. I met up with a kid in my district in the mtc and stayed with him while our companions left. Turns out he was sick and i was stuck from 7am til 3 studying. Needless to say i did take a nap but i also got plenty of studying in.

Here is the interesting story of the week. A new investigator we found named Anna. Age 68. She is very interested but thought i was too. You have to understand i still dont understand everything and so i have to listen really hard and pay close attention. So we are in a lesson with her and we invite her to be baptized. She looks alright at first, a little hesitant but thinking about it. Out of no where she looks at me, ¨YOU DONT WANT ME TO BE BAPTIZED. YOU DONT WANT ME IN THE CHURCH. OHHH, YOU WANT TOO MUCH OF ME. I SEE THE WAY YOU ARE STARING INTO MY SOUL. YOU WANT TO GET TO KNOW ME BETTER!!¨ Needless to say i was in shock. i wanted to say, ¨alright woman, look here. I dont speak this language. Im looking at you so i can stay in the conversation and understand what you are saying. If i didnt want you in the church i wouldnt ask you.¨I ended up just being nice and saying no. As we left the lesson she kissed my hand goodbye. Lets just say it was weird, but hey she did come to church.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party. They cooked an Asado and we brought the chicken. One of the older daughters had been to utah before and brought us cans of rootbeer! That is unknown here and most people think it tastes nasty. She also brought out a baseball and bat. Curtis, you would be proud of me. I taught them all how to throw hit and play. Then i hit it and it went about 3 houses over...Probobly should be a little more careful. The food was great though.

We have 2 baptisms this Sunday which is exciting and we have about 5 for the Christmas Eve planned so far. We are excited and working hard. This week i got a package mom. Thank you! I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa! All in all it was a rough but good week.

Also for anybody who wants. Mike and Kristi maybe, but im wondering if anybody would send me church things in spanish. Dhildrens hymns on cd in spanidh. Books, Whatever anybody can. Thank you!

Mom- thank you for the package. I am waiting for the others.

dad- Sounds like a busy week. Ill try to figure out about calling in.

samye and D- I got your letter too! Thank you for the pictures. Everytime people look at the pictures they ask about miles and whats on his face or who is that really tall bald guy!

Love, Elder Martino

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