Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time is Flying

Well another week. This week flew by but has been pretty good. But one question. Who in the world is the new president? Wasn´t voting in november.

Tuesday...Im not going to lie, i was very nervous. We had exchanges and I went out with a kid who is just as new as me and speaks and understands much less.(not being rude or prideful, i still dont understand much and talk even less). We went out to one of my areas that is about 5 miles away and is this governemnt housing complex. We get out there and its super hot. We are both dying and everyone is failing us. We decided to go say a prayer and ask for help. Well we got in houses but not really the ones i wanted... First was Erika and she is a great investigator and we taught her and her 2 daughters. It was an interesting lesson because she has been taught everything and i kind of bounced around the place but both of us and her thought it went very well. She ended up telling us on thursday that she had recieved her answer, now it is just a matter of changing. Then we taught Zulma, an old investigator that ended up yelling at me and was so mad she cried, well we were walking by her house and her marido called us over and asked us to come in. Well we went in and he sat us down and started talking church with us. She sat across from me and i felt as if i was being looked at with a magnfying glass. We he asked us to share a message and i did. I asked her to read and she said no. She looked very upset the entire time. Well we left then as we were walking to teach an innactive member these pibes that always stop us stopped ua and we decided we would actually talk to them. Hey, we are looking for more young men in the branch so it was worth a try. I gave them folletos and talked for a minute and told them if they read it and have questions then i will stp by another day a buy a coke and sit a talk with them. We walked back that night and got some contacts. Pretty succesful day i would say. At least now i know i can make my way around for the most part when i dont have anyone to rely on.

Yesterday was dissappointing at church. We had 8 baptismal dates at the beggining of church and by the end we had 2... Happy news is those 2 are this next saturday and sunday. This is the last week in this transfer. My trainer is most likely leaving and i will be here for a while proboblamente. It sucks a little because i will have to spend chrsitmas with a new kid when we are stuck inside. There are going to be a lot of borachos in the street and we wont be allowed out though.

I heard there was a big wind storm that hit Utah and someone mentioned something about a big storm in Texas but who knows.

We worked hard this week. We have been trying to make our numbers better but its hard. I understand the numbers are something to measure us by but the numbers miss alot of things we do. Service, fix problems, talking in the street, and much more. But we worked really hard this week and we are trying to get better everyday.

Love Elder Martino

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