Monday, December 19, 2011

White Christmas!

Well This week was very busy. It was the last week ofthe transfer and wethought for sure Judd was going, but turns out he is staying. I havetalkedtohim about it(sorry the space bar is sticking). I am happy that he is staying because we get along great, theonly bad thing is i just thought id move on from my trainer. I thought id have another missionary come in and have to start taking the lead but after thinking about it, i can still do that. I am excited and i know it is for a reason. We have a goal to baptize 8 people and we will try our best.

Well mon-thursday we got in late every single night....Mon eating with branch president, Tuesday- Stuck out in a far out area and had to wait for the bus, Wednesday sharing a christmas messagewith a couple families all together (and i made brownies for them), and thursday- we had a ward meeting that started at 9..

Let me tell you about tuesday first... Very interesting night.After a choir practice we had for a wardparty we went out to oine of our far out areas. We got stopped by an oldinvestigators daughter who said hermom missed us and wanted us tocome over and say a prayer. Turns out many plans failed and we went over. Theytoldusto come in and sit down in the corner then a bunch of women and there little daughters came in and the daughter of our investigator started to teach them an arabian dance class... Judd and i stared at eachother or the floor or ceiling for 5 minutesthen triedto maske our way out the door. We got outandsomeone followed us out and asked us about what we do. Turns out she had a lot of interest. Not in the Church... We got invited over forfriday to eatpizza and watch a movie. And this was right after they told us they were comng back to the states with us to marry us... Just to let you know, we decided not go. We thought wewould try and avoid thatkindof trouble.

Thursday i had one lesson with Judd at 10 then Neal and i had togo 2 hours toAdrogue for a mneeting for all new missionaries to see how training went. It lasteduntil 6 then 2 and halfhours back. It was really good and i got 2 packages!!

Saturday, us 4 missionaries had 3 baptisms (one wasours) at 6, at 7 was aprimary presentation we sang in. at 8 was a end of the year dinner. That night we found out elder Hurtado wasleaving andalotof members started crying. We hadbeenhere for 7 months. Oh, and the baptism, since the other 3 were baptizing, I had to direct the meeting...I triedmy best. The best part was after the actually the actually baptisms and i was waiting for them to change and come back i thought it would be a good idea to sing christmas songs. Well, lets just say i had a reaaaalllllgood solo to angels we have heard on high... I was sweating like crazy. Sunday i confirmed our Daniela in church, once again i was nervous. Sunday night the other 2 elders and 2 little member kids to baptize and we helped with that.

The week got a little messed up but it allworked out. At times i thought i was thrown in the refiners fire and cameout like the nastiness that comesout whatever its called. We have made achristmas messageand shared it with many people and also watch Joy to The World with alot of people. I am excited for the season. I was a little trunky at first thinking about back home and about cool weather... but the thingis, i could be at home with all ofyall andcelebrating this season, ori could be here sharing this with 100´s of people. Right now thisis the placeforme to be, whether they understand me or not.

I want to wish everyone a merry christmas. But, i also want everyone to remember the first christmas present we all received, the birth of Christ. It has changed absolutleyeverything for our lives and eternity. My challenge issince that was our first gift we recieved, make the firstgiftyou give to christ. Think about what he wants from each and every one of us and give that to him.

Elder Martino

Mom- Thank you so much for the packages. I got the other 2 this week and they are great. I apolgize but i cheated with the presents :). next time you get an urgetosend one, maybe if you could find some cheap ties :) Sounds like an exciting week yall had and are about to have an even better one. Merry Christmas mom! I loveyou!

dad- Impretty sure you should just talk to president Monson and see if you can start your own byu in texas.Everything else Byu ismoving down. It definately sounds like your busy. Merry Christmas dad! iloveyou!

Everyone is is getting seperate emails.

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