Sunday, January 8, 2012


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Elder Drew Martino
Argentina Buenos Aires south Mission
Quintana 447
1846 Adrogue
Buenos Aires

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Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission
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Well this week was good. Kind of rough but turned out good. After Christmas Eve it got hot again. And it is definately very hot. I am sweating about every moment of the day and night but its wonderful.

The highlight of the week was new years eve. We had to be in by 6 and we definately enjoyed ourselves. Judd and I saved about half of our mnthly allowance and made a very good meal. An asado with carne, chorizo, and chicken. A tomato and lettuce salad. boiled eggs. a large fruit salad, and some kool-aid!!! I took pictures but this machine doesnt work. Maybe next week. We played card games, ate our hearts out, and enjoyed a rest. At 12 we headed up to the roof of our apartment and watched fireworks. Its pretty awesome when fireworks are shot from every side possible for about 30 minutes. We had some drunk people shooting some off on the street below us and it was really funny til some of them almost hit us.

We found a couple new investigators this week and worked hard with the ones we have. This Sunday we have 2 baptisms, too bad its a holiday here. Dia de San la Muerte (day of the grim reaper). Kind of interesting but hey, everyone has there own beliefs.

We have talked to alot of people about making goals for the beggining of this year and how it can help them so much. I sat down the other night myself and wrote down some goals for this year. This will be my full year in the mission and its a little daunting to look at but the time flies by. The time flies by and it scares me. Shoot, i have been here for almost 6 months and still feel way new. Back to the goals though. When i was studying the other day about goals i read a quote that talks about dominating the basics in life. We need to learn to dominate those little things; studying, praying, church, charity. If we set goals to dominate these things then we can move on. First off, if i want to accomplish anything in this mission and in life I am going to need help and the blessings to help me. If i set a goal to get all A´s in school, I better be mastering those basics first. This is kind of jumbled, but the point is to set goals. Many people look back on life and say they could have done this and that. Your goals are the desires of your hearts and if your desires are righteous, God will help you. Set a goal. Figure out how you will achieve it and when you will achieve it. If you set a goal, you have no excuse for not reaching it. Any excuse you make lessens your character and weakens you. A goal is set to achieve, not to dream about. Make a plan and get your butt busy and do it. I want all of you know that i love you. Make this year great and achieve the desires you have.


Elder Martino

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