Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another great Week!

Well i hope yall enjoy these photos!! This was new years eve! It was different then every other year but it was great!

A couple things this week that i thought i would share with you. So we had a good week. We had a decent amount of lessons and found some new people. We had 2 service activities and a dinner with one of my favorite families. I dont think any of you will understand how much you can love the people here. The people here are amazing. Truly some of the best people or friends i have ever known.

Friday we had a baptism for a child of two member parents we taught. They wanted us to teach him the lessons but the father baptized his son which was very good. That night was interesting too. So we live on the second floor of a building and there is a timbre(i cant remember what that is in english) but at 2 in the morning it started going off. Oh, doorbell, but ya it started going off and it happens pretty often. Usually its just kids in the street or drunk people. I woke up, which is hard to do, but i looked over and Judd was awake too. I asked him if i should go get it but he also said its probobly just some drunk kids. Then it kept going off and both of us thought that if we went down there that someone would be waiting behind the door with a gun. (Many people know where we live). Finally we went in the other room and checked the phone. We had 8 missed calls from some members. Turns out it was memebers and they didnt have a key to the church which had been left open. We walked over and locked it then went back to bed.

Next was yesterday. We had a couple amazign investigators come to church. They have a crazy story but have been changing so much. It was great to see them there. I also got to teach primary class for a couple minutes which was fun but the most amazing part of church was preparing the sacrament. Such a simple weekly task right? I thought so too. Hermano Fernandez is the one who always does it and sometimes i get to help him. Today it was my first time to help him from the beginning. I have never seen so much care put into the sacrament. Never in my life. He always starts with a prayer and the entire time he prepares everything so carefully with such careful exactness. It was a true lesson and testimony builder to me. This man is a farely recent convert and it took his wife many many years to convert him, but now he has one of the strongest testimonies i have ever heard.

Yesterday we had 2 baptisms. Two little girls in a family of all members. It seemed and hopefully it continues to be a way to reactivate the family. I dont have pictures yet but i will get them soon.

It was a very good week. This week will be better though. I dont know why but i know it will. I love all of you.

Elder Martino

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