Friday, January 27, 2012


Well lets start with yesterday. I wake up and find out im giving a 10 mintute talk in sacrament meeting. I prepared a decent outline on how to recognize the spirit in our lives and how to differenciate the spirit and our own thoughts. Well sacrament meeting is about to start, its killer hot, and i find out that mine is for 15 minutes instead. Turns out i can get really nervous in a different language if i dont know what exactly im doing. It is crazy though. I dont remember half the things i said while i was up there but many people came up to me afterwards and said it was great. Half of me believes maybe it was good and the other half of me thinks people felt bad for me. But it all turned out well.
Now on thursday all four of us missionaries were eating at a members house, who is a chef. :). Well towards the end, Elder Neal all of the sudden put his hand in front of his mouth and his cheeks puffed out real big. You see him put on a sour face and swallow. He does that two more times and on the third he couldnt swallow again so he finally asked for the bathroom. All of us were trying so hard to hold in laughter. Turns out it bit me in the butt because i got sick after that but the other way... lol.
One quick thing, on tuesday we took a bus to our far out area to eat lunch. We get there and the member calls and cancels on us. We didnt have any coins to get back. Everyhing was closed except one store. We asked if they had coins, no one has coins anymore, and an old man gave us just enough to where we could get back. Then we had two other set lessons fail on us..dang.
Oh and monday i saw with my little eye something that made me scream. We were walking back from that far out area doing some contacts and we saw a very large house with big fields. We say a llama, a flamingo, some ginormous rabbits, and.....a monkey!!! I went up to go pet it but the owner came out and i got a little scared. But, I saw a Monkey!!
Now i have one question for every one. I have to put on a big ward Family home evening in a couple weeks and i need some good ideas. Please help me out.

Love you!

Elder Martino

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