Thursday, January 19, 2012

No letters on the keyboard!

all of the letters are wiped off the keyboard so i will try my best.

Well a family came back from vacation this week and brought us back a gift. They brought us back these sweet hats but turns out yes it is confirmed that i do have a big martino head. It sort of fits. The good thing is we cant wear them in the street so its not too bad, but i promised this family i would take a picture with the hat after the mission so yall might need to remind me.

Well it wasn't toooo hot this week but it is going back up. The other day I had an oopsie. We were at a members house and they gave us haircuts. I went up to there bathroom to wash my hair. there sink was already hanging on barely and a stick holding it up. Well like 5 minutes after i came down we heard a big crash. Good thing is the wife had been waiting for that to happen so she could buy a new one. Still felt real bad but oh well. They get blessings for feeding my i hope and therefore they should still get blessings for me breaking the sink .

Saturday night we had a big family home evening that we put on for the ward and it turned out really good except all the kids cheated and it ended real quick. We had a big treasure hunt with Scriptures and all. Now we are doing another one in a month and i will need help with it so if anybody has ideas please send them in!!

I apologize that this letter will be short but this keyboard is killing me!

Now for yesterday. this will go in the books for one of my most embarrassing moments on the mission. Church has started and i am sitting ready to bless the sacrament. We pray and then go in for ward business and confirmations..... Usually the bishopric does it and i was just fine until, "Vamos a empezar con Denice Laticia Nicole Fuentes Castro, y Elder Martino va a hacer la confirmacion." I had a couple people make fun of me afterwards for the look i had on my face at this point. I had done it once before a while ago and forgot it all and i was super nervous. Turns out the had to tell it to me the entire time until we got to the blessing part. Ya it caught me off guard pretty bad.

Anyways i love yall.

Elder Martino

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