Monday, June 4, 2012

This week flew by. much faster then i expected. It was the last week of transfers and i expected it to go a little slower. First, I would like to share a couple weird/funny experiences. Friday afternoon and saturday morning we did intercambios(cant remember in english) and i got some american time with the only other white missionary in my district. Well, i went to his area and we had a day with alot of walking and clapping houses. We did find an interesting guy. You ever seen the cartoons where a drunk guy cant stop hicupping? Well that was him. He looked exactly what i would picture as a drunk cartoon. We told us over and over they liked us and didnt want to rob us but wanted to make sure no one else robbed us. Another morning Aquino and I were contacting a house and no one came out. Across the street was an elderly lady mowing her yard so we crossed and offered to help. Turns out here name was Marcelo, she is not a she, and he/she/it likes our church but ya we left a pamphlet and continued. Last night, we also came across a big group of pibes in the corner. We pass them pretty often and they know us. One tries to speak english but is usually completely wasted. Well yesterday I was told that one of them liked me, not like a buddy. So for now on we are walking a different Its normal for girls to say stuff here but a dude is something that kinda freaks you out. We had a awesome service. My comp cut the grass and i re-did the garden. Well we had many people pass and ask if we could come do there house too. Service for a lesson. She was very happy with our work and tells all of her neighbors. Now for the good part. We had a zone conference this wednesday and it was great, very long but great. Something that mainly hit me was first our word. If i say i will do something then i will do it. There is a quote and i cant remember exactly how it goes but something to the fact of if you put me in a super strong jail with walls 10 feet under ground, I could perhaps find a way out but if you draw a circle around me and tell me not to leave it and i agree, then i will die before i leave that circle. Something else we talked about was the anti-nephi-lehis and want the parents did and we did it ourselves. It seemed like a little kid thing but i wrote down that night the habits or things i wanted to get rid of and then do it. Since then i have felt much better. Many people think you have to let something go little by little. Whether it be tobacco, alcohol, pornography, anger, or impatience, you dont have to slowly let it go. It is much better to just drop it once. Yes, you might turn back and do it again once or twice but you cant give up on yourself or others. It seems right now we have a handful of poeple that cant give up certaine vices. They believe it is impossible but its a lie. You have to learn to over come or body. One of the hardest things in life is to learn that your spirit and body are together but seperate. You have to differentiate between the two and learn to control yourself. Its hard but it brings alot of peace. Love, Elder Martino I sent a picture of my new suit coat. lol. 50 pesos! 12 dollars.

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