Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Winter is coming!

It got cold this week. It warmed back up a bit but it definately dropped. We are just about ready for winter and it is going to be a very cold one. Its amazing how cold it can get and still not snow, although it did snow this last week in a bunch of areas where it never snows. We had a good first week of the transfer. It is Aquino´s last transfer in the mission and I'm trying to help him finish out strong. I have been with him longer then any other missionary in his mission but its been a good time. We actually had a very good week even though we had a bunch of interruptions. My new district consists of two elders in the other side of Banfield where i am and the assistants to the mission. The other two elders in Banfield on monday lost there electricity because of kids who cut the power lines and took them, so they moved inot our pinch for a time. Its a tight squeeze but it works. We on the spur of the moment did splits in our area and i got fodged by every one while my comp got to eat dinner. We also had a service project where my digging came in handy. I got to dig a big hole for a member here to put a column in for his house. Turns out lots of people here think that the americans are lazy and bad workers, not anymore!!! Friday was an awesome day because we had to once again plan double plans for the day because i had to take two new missionaries with me for the afternoon and Aquino took another one. We ended up finding an innactive member family of 8 and a daughter who wants to get baptized. It went very well and it helped lift my spirits again. That night my comp got the dinner again and i got a bunch af walking but at least i was able to do it with a fellow texan!!!! Saturday was my first day of english classes. We had 5 people show up and we taught the alphabet, pronounciation, and how to say a prayer in english. It went pretty well,but i hope i get better at teaching the poor people. lol. The next week we are expected to have many more people but we will see. Now yesterday, It happened again. Five minutes before church they tell me i have to speak so i hurry and prepare something. Not going to lie I have been excited and anxious to speak in my ward. Well my comp took all of my time so maybe i will get another chance. It seems we are really making a difference here. It is amazing just to look around the room and see all the people. Many of them would not have come if we had not just gone by and seen them. Speaking of that, interesting experience. Wednesday we were walking around(side note, i still dont know exactly how the spirit works or recognize it) and a name of a sister in our ward popped into my head. We decided to pass by and see how she was doing. Turns out she was in bed unnable to walk, eat, and let alone barely talk. I dont know what exaclty was wrong but she was in a lot of pain. We gave her a blessing and left, but it was nice to feel that this day, i was able to help someone. It is an amazing feeling to just think about how youcan be halping someone in there life. This time is flying by but I am enjoying it. Love, Elder Martino

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