Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Father's Day

First, I would like to tell grandpa and Russell that i love them. Second, dad, even though we have butted heads alot im glad your my dad and i love you. You and Mom have raised me correctly whether i chose to follow or not you were there. I thought i knew what bad parents were like and i thought i knew how to be a perfect dad. Im still far away to be there but i am a very lucky son and proud to call you my dad. Well, we still have the other 2 missionaries living with us on the floor. We have no clue how long it will be til they get back in the place but it is nice. Mom, i made homemade bread this week. It was actually really good which surprised me. lol. Monday was my comps birthday last week so we celebrated it with a couple members at there houses which was fun. I ate way too much which did not make a fun time but all in all it was good. Tuesday we had a good service project and found an innactive family which was very good. I was got yelled at by an old man which is always fun. I did learn something interesting. I few years ago in Argentina it was in pretty bad shape and some people in a helicopter tried to rob the angel moroni because they thought it was gold...Also, underneath the temple is the CIA. This week i think we gave more blessings then any other moment in my life. We found a new family through a member and the very first thing they wanted was a blessing for there 4 year old son who has some major health problems. They seem like an amazing family and im excited to see them progress. Something really hit me this week. We have an innactive family with a daughter who is 9 and not baptized. It is a large family all in all that lives just outside of the villa. We had a great lesson with them and i felt as if we really touched home with them. They all promised that if we came by to look for them they would come to church with us. Last week we passed by and no one came out. This week i sat at the door and clapped for about 5 minutes. Finally the little girl, Luana, came to the gate and told me she was almost ready. No one else wanted to wake up and come but she told us that she wanted to come withor without them. She had promised me she would do something and did it. As a 9 year old kid she wanted to keep her word to us while the others didnt care at all. It happens very common that people say they will do something and dont. I feel like i learned a little more this week about why Jesus always loved the children. They are much better then most every adult in this world.

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