Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good News!

Start off with the good news. We had a baptism!!! It was interesting but we got it done. We passed by every day starting on sunday last week and the mom wasnt there or other problems. One day we werent there because a man in the villa broke a beer bottle and stabbed the 5 year old grandchild in the eye. As for now his eye is swollen shut and looks narly but i feel bad for the kid. We ended up teaching her but had help from a friend of the family, Victor, who is 22 and not a member. He helped us, came to the baptism, cooked cake afterwards, and came to my english class. We had the baptism and one member showed up...which was sad but oh well. This week I had a very fun time cutting down a tree with a chainsaw and machete! I felt like samurai Jack!! Besides that we had a very good week in numbers, We broke both of our mission records in with member lessons which was very good. My english class now has 11 people who come and it is steadily growing. It turned out to be a big success and im glad. I honestly dont know what else to write, Ill start taking little notes during the day of things i should write home about.. Love yall!! Love, Elder Martino

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