Monday, July 16, 2012

Dun, dun, dunnnn............

Well this last week was the last week for Aquino in his mission. Although it is not fun being the companion when a missionary dies, we had a lot of success last week. Our numbers beat the assistents and the other companionship combined. The activity helped us out alot. This week we had lunch and dinner just about everyday. We found a couple new families and had success with other investigators we have. Interesting experience that once again i still dont like one bit. We had a couple drunk dudes approach us thursday night asking for everything, watch, money, jacket, etc. Well i told him no and he started to laugh. He proceeded to take a sip of his wine and say he liked it how we just didnt give away everything if someone asks to rob us. All was fine and dandy up to this point but then one of them with his pink scarf proceeded to slap my butt, give me a hug, and ask for a kiss....Well I pushed him off and walked away and hopped on the next bus that passed by there. Still not one of my favorite experiences, but nonetheless interesting. Saturday was an interesting day. I had to do intercambios because all the missionaries who were leaving got to do a tour in capital. Aquino left and i went with another kid. We then had to go to the stake center in my area to pick up 5 thousand invitacions for the temple open house coming up soon. I think that will be enough. Afterwards we met up with my district leader to interview our baptism for later on this day and turns out we needed an interview from President beforehand as well. It got too complicated and it got moved til this weekend coming up but she is still very excited. Well while i was talking to president he asked me if i would be a trainer this transfer. SWWEEEEEETT!!! I forgot to mention that last week i had the opportunity to speak in church about the temple. It seemed to me it went very well. I was able to focus on the importance of the temples and the time we spend there. It was interesting when i read a quote by Wilford Woodruff that said something to the fact of everything single activity, song, and lesson we give in the church should direct us toward the temple. Well this sunday Aquino spoke and gave a little farewell. Saturday we got the call for transfers and i thought i already knew everything that was happening. wrong. President calls me and says, ¨Elder Martino, I already asked you if you would be willing to be a trainer right?¨ ¨Correct¨.¨Good, well i have another question. Would you be willing to be a district leader?¨ ¨..................................................................................................................................are you sure...........? Well he proceeded to tell me what was going to happen. In my district we are 4 elders and the assistants. Well 1-Im training. 2-He is taking both elders out of the other area and putting in an hermana that will train also. 3- That area isnt one of the safest ones so it will be interesting. To say the least this transfer is going to be interesting but i am excited to see all that happens. Love, elder Martino

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