Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not Much Time

I dont have much time. We spent our pday in a ward activity that we had. Proud to say that i was the one who thought of the idea! Well we had over a hundred people show up and about 30 investigators. We cooked two big pots of locro, had a folklorico dance show, and played soccer. It was tons of fun. We had 3 people tell us they wanted to get baptized, one this coming saturday and we will see if we can. Well at one point kicked the soccer ball over the wall into the porch of an old lady. I climbed up the wall and asked her if we could come around for the ball. Well we went aroound and invited her over and she came!! It turned out to be a big success! A lot of other stuff happened this week but i apologize i dont have time. sorry. Love yall!!! Elder Martino

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